I like poster’s attitude

I’m always surprised, the insights I find on forums. More direct/less formal/more authentic atmosphere. The title is “Crowley, Gurdjieff and the Moshiach Project”. We’re born thrown into a war between different conceptions of the Übermensch. There’s an appearance of peace. There wouldn’t be any politicking if there was peace. This is more of a mystical debate (hence the two names above don’t seem incongruous). That is to say, it’s more popular to filter this discussion through more mundane issues, like healthcare. Is that about a “new human being”, ehh kinda? Prior to nano-healing technology, even the Übermensch will need healthcare presumably. That’s in the realm of mere survival. In the language of science, we’re talking about a more drastic “paradigm-shift”. Whether it’s the Moshiach or the Übermensch. With the rise of secularism, that old, old Plan of the former is not the same anymore. However, the general outline still remains. Unfettered from tradition, it is now an eschaton of blind amalgamation. Are the orthodox rabbis of Israel the “patricians” of the kagal? We can only grope in the dark about that. If I had to guess, power is more in the hands of the avaricious segment of their population. They ended up getting high on their own supply and ultimately dooming themselves too. This is why I try to appeal to the Davids out there, because we’re in a similar situation. We’re not going to see either the Moshiach or the Übermensch at this rate. For centuries the Jids destabilized the surrounding population while maintaining order in their own – in this time when all religion has supposedly been refuted, they now destabilize themselves as well. There’s a remnant of this that still exists, which we know as the infamous state of Israel. Once the West goes down the tubes that sliver of stability in the middle east is going to be swarmed by goyim brutes. See how this isn’t exactly a discussion about healthcare? You might have the idea that this subject is never talked about. Wrong, it’s only spoken of euphemistically. In fact it’s all-pervasive. That’s what “anti-racism” means – it’s a crude way of talking about a secular moshiach. Approximately. It is nothing close to what the rabbis have had in mind, there are just parallels that can be drawn. An all-pervasive subject, a war disguised as peace as I said, where the Übermensch I tend to talk about is systematically erased from the conversation. In contemporary politics it’s all moshiach all the time, and always euphemistic. It’s not spoken of directly because there’s an ugliness about the truth of it. Like I said, an eschaton of blind amalgamation. This is the type of grotesque miscreation one can only expect from a couple generations that have consigned all previous modes of thinking to the rubbish bin. It’s going to be a “new human” that will make the already-living Chinese look like the Übermensch. That’s your sign that you’re on the wrong path. And again, all discourse about the directedness of this telos is omnipresent and exclusively surface-level. They might as well be talking about healthcare. It’s not healthcare though, people have a more existentially-concerned attitude toward it than that. Let’s put it this way- everyone wants to be anti-racist and no one wants to watch even 30 seconds of a basketball game, no one wants to spend even 30 seconds in a poor Latino part of the city. The “Übermensch” of the future that the secular vulgarians have planned IS going to be watching basketball until the final buzzer while living as poor Latinos do, and there’s not much evidence that that isn’t going to be the fate of their trusted Plan. And they’ll never mention any of this, only frenetically and unreflectively euphemize us toward their creaturely eschaton. And this isn’t something that’s “going to happen in the future”, it’s something we’re already situated within at present. Everyone is too spiteful to admit that that is the current intended destiny of the west. They can’t part with the confidence boost that the deception provides them. A woman will only sneer if you question her at all, that’s just how they were raised and educated in the Tolerant postwar setting. When they should be humble they are hysterical. They don’t care about the vulgarity of the future, only about being unduly flattered in the present. And it goes without saying with the third-worlders. This is the best they’ve all ever had it, the fabricated respect that they enjoy. They’re not going to give it up even if it means culture is on its way off a cliff.

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