Yess I finally found something like I was looking for

Книга имеет сомнительное название – “Євреї” чи “жиди”.

I promise you, I tried to look up a different subject, then I said the word “жид” aloud, and it really does seem to be a sound that describes them more accurately. A THOUSAND years they lived there.

Зіновія Книша, a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator who escaped to Canada. That was published only a month ago… Do I have Ukrainian readers? No one ever needs to know. It was written in 1984. “Sovietism” persists there, like it does in Belarus, don’t let “1991” fool you.

It’s their secret name that explains them

the name “жид” has been used since ancient times, which was brought to the Slavic lands from France and Germany by the жиди themselves. Neither the French nor the Germans consider the word “жид” offensive

It’s because when they behaved like жиди they sent them east. And the people in the east kept them around for enough centuries to understand them, before they were finally “sent” west to the US.

Knysh encourages Ukrainians to refer to them as жиди. If you know the name of a thing then you know what that thing is.

What blesses me today

Is that not shady?! “Jews” or “Jews” – from Holodomor country no less. I feel like racist Mulder trying to solve occult mysteries somedays.

Were all books containing the word жид sought and destroyed during Soviet times?

In the replies to a post on the book in question, Shestopal is cited – some evidence that he’s the dude. Another version of Shestopal here.

So, the proto-holocaust and Cromwell are probably connected. Was he bribed? What was it about Anglos that kept them from being chams? I’m not sure you’ll get what’s going on here unless you’re one of those kinds of people who can think of 1900 like it was yesterday. Hop hop hop from one country to another – end of history people won’t see this.

Next one cited is Franko. We must know the “main ones” from there–or, that’s what they want us to think at least.

Somedays honestly I wake up and look at the herd and think maybe I should just shut up about this stuff. Then I read something a living Jew has to say about politics and all of a sudden I remember the importance the JQ. Uhh, good point, жид? They’re the worst of all in insisting on preserving their way of life even if it means civilization goes off the cliff. That’s why there are so many parallels between their behavior now and across history- they never change.

This is profound – I love those posters

Вообще-то, “жид” – именно что церковное слово. Так, кстати, и используется в богослужениях. Когда читают Евангелие, там “жидовство” чуть ли не через слово иногда звучит.

They wanted the 1000 year old memory to die with them

Моя бабушка до конца своих дней говорила “жид”, а не “еврей”.

Symbolic – they censor their old name

В украинском издательстве “Центр навчальної літератури” вышла книга нацистского коллаборанта Зиновия Кныша с неоднозначным названием “Евреи или ж_ды”. 


Knysh has Galician memoirs as well. No, despite my digging the closest thing I have to link you to is an article from March about how they want to implement laws that would put people who publish books like that in prison. I feel like I’m in a battle with the NKVD to find these books.

«Богдан Михайлюк»? Yandex- more detailed list of his works here. Still, nothing about the “J@ds” as some articles spell it (pretty good symbol for Atlantis in general). Ugh findin nothin. The Bolsheviks imprisoned him then, he might as well still be in there. Image-format PDFs. The mystery of the жид.

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