With the ubiquitous self-/censorship it’s impossible to know the pulse of humor of the west, and maybe it’s just because I’ve been in fallout shelters, personally this concept here makes me laugh

The site doesn’t exist anymore. Just the concept alone is funny to me. And I can’t say that about many things. It’s not the people who died, it’s how they’re remembered, that’s what’s passe. People are just way too serious about it, that’s what I find funny. There are other events in history to be serious about. Iran here seems like a clown in the positive sense of the term. I like that kind of clown, like George Carlin, someone who gives me joy. Even (and especially) if there’s something disturbing about their sense of humor. In despair yesterday I decided to see what’s going on at Gab and saw some actual satire there. Satire isn’t allowed anymore. You can tell someone is a satirist by the way they talk, and there aren’t many people like that – our culture smothers them, and they’re one of the most valuable forms of self-awareness a culture can have in my opinion. “People who can make you laugh are some of the best kinds of people” well no shit. Joyless country of scowlers. To put it in perspective, you know when something bad happens and then about a month later someone makes a joke about it and then rhetorically asks “Too soon?” and it’s funny even if it’s kind of messed up? It’s been 76 years since the holocaust. Too soon? I speculate that there must be a faculty in the brain that is neutral and a given culture etches something from history onto it. And this is ours. Does it necessarily have to be a tragedy that’s etched? What if we etched something that was ennobling? What does that tragedy do for us? Let’s feel guilty that a bunch of bankers and excessive-capitalists were killed. It’s just a way for them to own you mentally rather than just economically. Some of them are fully aware of that and that makes them happy. That link from yesterday said something interesting that confirms one of my theories

Did you read that thread? That poster Elista is a rare expert. Human x-ray. Anyway, triple-standards, or a master/slave/superslave dynamic. Most Jids are probably not too far from goyim in their exoteric fogginess. Then there’s a type of Jid that knows the basics of what’s going on, and like I said above, it makes them happy to own the goyim, then there’s the Rabbinical kagal that is doing the owning of both the goyim and the lesser Jids. As I try to show, there’s a possible quadruple-perspectivism of supermaster/master/slave/superslave. Many of the people they ban are actually saying things the rabbis have no response to. That’s a form of being owned. There are two types of “real world”. In one real world people are ostracized for saying certain things. In another real world, people say things that make rabbis look like total imbeciles who are out of their element. Both of these people will be ostracized. Which of these is the real world to you? No response, rabbi? Truly a terrified individual who can’t deal with other worldviews besides his own. Not only do they lie to us, they lie to themselves.

I wonder what Americans could learn from the way Jids are depicted in classic Russian literature

“That’s not funny, that doesn’t make me smile!” And it makes you smile when you think of those anti-banker krauts dying? I think you might need a reality check.

There are things about Jids that people simply aren’t ready to hear. If you want to initiate yourself into the political mysteries I suggest you read that Elista thread. “Can you just tell me?” No, you’ve already made up your mind about me, maybe if someone else says it you’ll understand.

sigh I might as well! Israel Shahak says that their culture is totalitarian. What is another way of phrasing that?

They’re the ur-fascists. Nazis were mimicking them to some degree.

This self-whipping point is delectable, this Elista is a pro.

No HUMOR, no PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHT allowed in our culture, just burn it to the ground already. “Hahaha” let’s drown some Jews, think it’s funny now?

Man, Elista has 1140 posts? A blessèd find.

He springboards off Hodos in part. For the tenth time, I’ve read there’s a Hodos-inspired library out there somewhere, somewhere.

Elisa calls it Zionology. I love psychology, especially of our overlords, I’m sorry if you’re such a lowbrow cretin you can’t understand that.

This I thought was a neat observation, from an article titled “Jiddiness”

You’re not synchronizing me, you troglodyte. Go back to Babylon with that shit. Actually I’m pretty sure they don’t want you there either!

Elista begins a thread by referencing Lutostansky and Shamir, that’s like fine art in my world. Most of the best things in culture you can think of aren’t allowed actually, only the base idiocy seen among a circus audience is accepted. I’ll bouncer-toss you back to Babylon.

A schizo notion that’s making me throw my head back in laughter- Hodos is a pawn, Elista is a pawn, I am a pawn.

Might as well be, the way people tend to react to my writings. (Pray to their Cathedral rosary even more intensely).

really gotta hand it to em noises

Ideally, a new religion would do something similar. The problem arises when the worldliness of Mammon is enshrined as the religion itself. It’s like if a starving huckster who had to con or stab someone for his next meal was perceived as a sacred figure. “Self-whipping” – even when they’re rich they have the same cut-throat mentality.

Ouch, Shamir says that Mammonism is the elder brother of Zionism. Seems accurate in regard to rangordnung-divinity. It’s more accurate I think to draw a military parallel- it’s like the relation of a Lieutenant to a cadet. A blind, seething hatred of the goyim is definitely one of the attributes of their Zeus, or whatever you want to call him.

Our two martyrs are martyred

Shamir really is a redeemer

The highlighted there does explain most of the rabble and pseudo-elites alike. They’ll read this and rationalize, just like an immoral person would. Love to live in a world with these people who only encourage each other. Eh, at least there are ones like Elista out there.

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