Shamir knows how to encapsulate it

Elista reminds me of 007 or something

You’re living in the stone age if you’re not reading this kind of stuff.

So much time I’ve wasted with putrid corrupt souls. “White Jews”. I can’t even imagine what IQ certain rabbis must have if they managed to play you like this. Even talking this way tends to be good for their purposes because it only makes goyim hate you for telling them what’s happening to them. That’s an art, I have to give them that. Human engineering has to be the highest science, no? The philosophy of the science of human engineering would be if it weren’t intrinsically “cloud-bound”. I.e. return to that idea of “two real worlds”.

Moldberg and NRx aren’t genuinely autonomous “cloud-patches”

Almost all “Jackists” are Mammonites, often in denial.

They’re playing chess with the Sefirot, often as “walking Zohars”, and they’re grandmasters. Most have no chance against them. People literally hate me instead of them for telling them about this! Played, played, played.

Any fellow escapees find any info on the qliphoth yet?

We’re lucky we haven’t been esthered. I’m glad I know not to find myself alone in the same room as one given the fact that I’m monkey myself. Wouldn’t that be a twist of fate, if I woke up one day in Israel? I unironically want to be a citizen of Israel, who is going to offer herself as tribute? A dreamteam if she hated Jews as much as… I hate whites. Never going to happen.

Elista says he has other writings somewhere called the “ICF forum”, he’s clearly a noble person who somehow survived the second french revolution. Ah, here he is here.

This is so true

These are the basic types he says are manipulated by the rabbis

1. Talmudic “Jews” and Judaizers – a minimum of intelligence ( obedient execution of instructions issued by the rabbis ), a maximum of ambition and mobility (a constant focus on “actions” and material “gesheft” ).
2. Goy-pagans – maximum intelligence, maximum ambition ( individualism, striving for intellectual and physical self-realization, often to the detriment of others ).
3. Christians – maximum intellect ( plus intellectual intuition, “the mind of Christ”, striving for speculation, contemplation ), minimum material ambitions ( priority of soul salvation, loyalty to traditional higher principles ).

See yourself anywhere there? Elista is a Russian remember, so it’s different there. Above is the non-rabble anyway. He says all three types are “monopolized”. Pretty much.

Ah, here’s how he describes another type

4. “Common man”, or “super-socks” – a minimum of intelligence, a minimum of personal ambitions ( complete controllability and programmability, unquestioning obedience, “altruism” ).

This is so good. I bet 90% of Americans are like this

Sorry if I’ve ever hurt your feelings, I’ve only wanted to help. While this can be a soul-crushing place, someone has to do it, and you’ve always decided for yourself to visit here.

Hm so this is what he means by a “super-sock”

it is easiest to mold a super shoe from a scoop

Scoop, though? Anyway, in Soviet Russia, rabbi is foot. You don’t want to be his shoe, no matter how super.

Wake up call to my Jewish “acquaintances”

As for the so-called “Jews”, in the understanding of the rabbis, they are zombie biorobots, an almost mechanical device

Supermaster/master/slave/superslave – you have the choice to be above the pyramid. Are you a rabbi’s sock?


the first group is the least sympathetic to me, and the third is the most

The alliance of bioleninists is just different kinds of socks next to each other in a rabbi’s sock drawer. The third Type is the one they want to “kick” most. And these ones know this so avoid talking about the kagal altogether.

Repeating Shamir,

Instead of at least having the ideal of the former they want to kick people with that ideal. Any day you can change, it’s up to you.

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