You might expect that central banking is a theme.

What’s that word Marx used? Ashheim reminds us of the good old days of proper judgment

German children at play would instantly recognize Polish Jewish children, taunt them with cries of “Itzig”—and refuse to sit on park benches after them.

Gonna grow up to be a bankster apologist so is that not appropriate?

To be fair, everyone is at the mercy of the kagal. I just frequently get the impression that the Itzigs are one in spirit with the kagal.

Makov draws on Shahak. I think we’ve collected most of the best writers at this point.

Elista is helping me realize that most Jews are pawns as much as anyone else

the very criminal organizational essence of “Jewry” – in the words of I. Shamir, “a syndicate of mutual harboring”, in which the individual is completely depersonalized in favor of a group, corporate “interest”

Sounds pretty awful for the individualists among them. I don’t know of any millennial or zoomer Hodoses, maybe they have secret channels, otherwise they’re voiceless.

Whether or not this anecdote is real, this IS essentially what we’re fighting against

“Don’t bring up that name, it’s a canard!” It’s just a symbol, that’s all, and it has more meaning than the word “canard”.

That’s what I mean when I say state religion- it’s an egregore that is cultivated by banking dynasties who are themselves cultivated by it – and that’s why they have a blindspot, because they’re a product of the same thing the rabble is. Hence I always say we should go to the Source of Being and rethink what is the ideal religion. And you can’t do that from the standpoint of the existing one. It’s next to impossible to find people who are much more than a Talmudist’s sock.

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