Bitcoin is a cult in the sense that 99.9% of the times you see it mentioned it’s endorsed rather than explained. Something off there. Or is there a conscious exo/eso dimension to it? That’s just one thing I realized I’ve found irritating without noticing it. Anytime I’ve seen the word bitcoin it easily could have been surrounded by at least a sentence or two about why it’s valuable, and for me at least I almost never have seen that. “This is a criminal organization of our own, shut your mouth!” Alright, if it is, I’m just saying that for many people I don’t think they know the eso side of it. “Oh great someone who runs a jew-hating site is saying these words.” Bad PR? Again, there’s a cultic element to it too that isn’t just about PR. One way I’ve been thinking of these books I link to is as “research chemicals” – ah you want to buy drugs with bitcoin? And what do certain drugs show you, that’s another question. I suggested those ololiuqui flowers – that’s not even eighth circuit, society is only semi-destroyed with those. Certain entheogens are banned for the same reason that certain ideas are banned- the norms of society are suspended. “What does that have to do with bitcoin?” Apply that idea of What is food? to the cash in your pocket. What is that? Ask a Jew, they know best. Whoops, did I say that? So, you better be careful that these same ones who control cash-flow now don’t hi-jack bitcoin as well. Looking at their schemes as they already exist now, is it already too late? Not to make people lose hope or anything (I’d never do that, ever) I just suggest you keep a watchful eye on the Jewish element that cannot be spoken of in our fiat-regime. Don’t you think it’s odd? Maybe it’s just me, I almost only ever see people say bitcoin rather than explain it. You don’t think you could get away with explaining it? I don’t think you even need to bring up Jews (who are the living definition of capital par excellence). And yet it’s kind of a cultic thing. Just telling you, better watch out for the shekelhead over there… They’re reading this and thinking “It’s too late, we already control it!” Imagine if we established our own informal society in flyover country – would they find an excuse to bomb it or destabilize it and propagandize approval for their actions? Probably. So I think bitcoin has the right instinct. Like I said in an earlier post, a new state religion would have to mimic their ways and eliminate their vices. Is bitcoin itself a way of “worshiping the golden calf”? That might be true in some cases. Reading me for a while you might realize there are some nuances to this old idea of “separation of church and state”. There are some truths to the world, and a future monetary system should not be subordinate to worldly ideas. This is itself an “anti-semitic” idea in the eyes of the world – all of a sudden, are you an anti-semite? There’s a good chance that you worship the golden calf so you’d answer yes, because you live in their world. An alternative currency (and nukes) is a way to not live in their world anymore, and in their world they want you dead. I don’t even think of myself as a “religious” person and yet the concepts that I often talk about might be interpreted that way. The financial alchemists are happy when their host society is atheistic. Being born in this time I’m an atheist too in my own way, I just think that many people waste their time gossiping about frivolities rather than speaking of more elevated matters. You feel more human when you talk about abstractions.

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