Looking for realtalk about bitcoin? My hunch, one word- Farsi. One of the first results mentions “the central bank OF central banks”!

The kinds of things a political scientist in the US will never speak of in a million years, normies in Iran speak of casually.

I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on the exo/eso dimension of bitcoin sooner. This from the farsiweb you almost never see in English

Never say something like this in America

Remember how that former plantation slave who visited the Pale put it?

Can’t understand cryptocurrency without understanding the Talmud.

In the way that Biden isn’t so much Biden as he is a negative sign before Trump, bitcoin is “-Talmud”.

Most books on cryptocurrency you’ll find today will be “crypto” in a different sense, whether consciously or not. From my observations, not many can even think clearly about the JQ. Thus it follows that media on crypto will be crypto in an unconscious sense.

Shamir had a nice choice of words here I thought

Try to be cool-headed when you read that. There are pathologies that arise when people are faced with it. It’s possible to bless them and not mean it at all. It’s possible, and not likely. People tend to turn into their public personas. Do you want to be cursed? Because from where I’m sitting you look pretty cursed.

That’s the paradox we have to deal with at the present time- until the financial system changes, people’s belief system won’t change. So I’m always-already talking to “pre-bitcoin” people, in other words. Can only expect rationalizations from them.

A caveat from Lebanon

Significant or not? Once again think of JFK. Even if you wanted to postulate a vague hypothetical in this direction, you wouldn’t be able to. And why’s that? Do certain people have shekels for heads or something?

Something else people don’t like to admit, and which causes pathological reactions when they’re informed of it

Bitcoin is a disagreement with that. At least for the conscious (not cultic) ones.

If you knew precisely what “the Jewish universe” was like while looking at it from the outside, you’d escape from there before bitcoin made it easier to. Most are blind to what it is and from my perspective aren’t much different from demons living in hell, suffering in hell.

Being cursed means you actively join them in this process

Hieronymus Bosch puts it into paintings better than it can ever be put into words.

Pretty much all the most important futuristic subjects can’t be discussed in explicit language- cryptocurrency, AI, space-migration, theology, CRISPR, you name it. I’ll make a bet with you right now – think of something in the realm of futurism that seems absolutely neutral, and throw at me – there’s a hidden politically incorrect twist to it waiting to happen. I’m a thoughtcrime 3D printer (speaking of curses). This is the ideal future too- the point of bitcoin. Not having legal limitations to thinking.

Ah looks like my favorite MENA studies center mentions bitcoin

Although money was not invented by the “Jews”, the mechanism of money has been “Jewish” for 3,000 years.

lol – from the Russnet

I had this thought earlier too! That they fund secret think tanks that plebs will never hear about. “Prove it.” Intuit it. Or hey look there’s an article on it.

You love to see this expression

They call it “Bitcoen”.

I just expect them to always be two steps ahead.

With emerging technologies in general one can expect them to pass through a Hebrew “sieve” as Shamir put it. Same can be said of Ideas in general. There is heaven, then there is a layer, a filter, that they move down through, and this filter disguises itself as heaven to those looking up at it from below.

And it dawns on me viscerally again that I’m mostly speaking to the cursed ones in this place

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