A statement like this, even though it is from 2012, is at the vanguard of progress

This presupposes the “two world theory”. Even if they erase one side of the dialectic from the conversation, for those of us who live in the realm of ideas, the dialectic continues in our own minds. One world will presuppose the non-existence of writers like Shamir, Hodos, Laitman, etc., and the other world will see them as the beginning of the conversation. This Elista is one of the first ones I’ve seen who has quibbles with Shamir that are from a non-establishment perspective. That’s progress. Reminds me of that Brazilian who had a dialogue with Dugin. Okay good someone who isn’t operating with pure insanity at least. If you’re someone who cares about “progress” in the non-distorted version of that term then this will interest you- “What Hodos gets wrong” for instance. Jids are particularly inept at being critical of themselves so this is mostly a dialectic for goyim to participate in.


All you decelerationists out there are so lame.

This is too messed up to not post

The Jids eating the chams once again. Chowin’. Ciao.

That’s what I’m saying Elista

By exterminating its elite, the nation commits an act of suicide – this is best illustrated by the example of Russia. The lot of a people deprived of their leaders is slavery.

Why does no one else study “their most recent victim”? They’re probably already stew, that’s why.

He says the proles can never be educated. Yes. Are there writings from him, nine years after this? One of the most perceptive writers out there in my opinion. He says “they” intentionally install the most lowly, “uneducable” goyim into places of power.

This is just too good not to post

Anyone who is “offended” by this, I hate to inform you that… you have been diagnosed with… Use your imagination (if you have an imagination).

Most of the ones responsible for the degradation of the Slavic peasantry rule here now, just stop worrying about it. Proud to be a sock, proud to be a stew. Panzer man, you need to die.

Eerie parallel

We loved the Jews especially, as they love a sick child in a family; after all, they are unhappy, they were always and everywhere offended, and even in ancient times it happened that the terrible Egyptians or mad Spaniards completely expelled them from their borders… I was a product of the era, I treated the Jews with love, felt sorry for them and wondered if anyone in my presence would allow me to say something bad about the Jews. Talk about the Russians, talk about the Ukrainians too, about the Georgians, Kirghiz, Chukchi – make fun, even tell jokes, but about the Jews! – silence. Do not. Jews are the smartest, they are good. And the one who dislikes them is a villain.

If you want to help them get rid of people who are better than you, then I just hope that I’ve shown you what those people think about you. Because it isn’t good. Don’t you have a tree to climb? If not that then you should be in the fields at the least. Certainly not spouting off about your useless thoughts in public. All the inane voices together form one cloud of smog over society. A terrible thought- the internet has only contributed to further rabblization. It’s undeniable. All the filth boost each other in ways never before seen on earth. Back to pre-neo-gutenberg times, hurry! It used to be a strict plutocracy, and while that has its obvious problems, it kept the most wretched voices out. And now the plutos and the demos have synthesized. The plutos has had to stoop. You have an sixth grade reading level, I don’t care about your opinion – that is what the plutos should have told the demos. The internet allows the detritus to gather into one loudspeaker, manipulating the plutos to submit to its demands. Now when the plutos speaks it’s the demos speaking, and they both reinforce each other. Just tell someone “hey fartmouth” and be done with it. Nope, we’ll live in their stench instead. No education will ever change them, no mouthwash will ever fix their breath. Because the source is left untouched, the genetics of the brain.

Not wrong

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