So THAT’s what this forum is

Secularism must not be as popular there. If you ever see something inaccurate in what I say about these ones it’s because cladistics isn’t always going to directly apply. I intend to speak of the Atheist American Jew of today through examining the religious ones and their texts.

Any impulse you have to tell me shut up is just your internalized oppressor speaking. “Don’t talk about that discipline of studies that they ban!” Who’s saying that exactly? “You”? The only one nearly scapegoated as much as Trump was me, and I wonder why? Could it be because of this type of study? I really wonder.

It’s like people were playing in the dirt believing it to be the ontological Ground, and then I picked them up by lifting the tarp underneath the dirt. Now I’ve twisted you up into a sack and I’m carrying you around. Want to get out? You can anytime, just say the word. Only please stop pretending you’re playing on the Ground, because I have you in my tarp. You’re lucky I don’t tie a knot in the top and toss you in a river, since that’s what Stalinists deserve. I mean, you know I would have by now if I could’ve. So I’ve settled on doing that on a spiritual level instead.

Elista uses this expression too

The more you never say anything against these various types of beings that I criticize, the more society is going to be like them. That is to say, society is going to be more criticizable the more you say nothing about it. So, you’ll be living in a more criticizable society and not criticizing it, and it will only continue to get more criticizable, which is a synonym for “bad”. All most people can do is criticize it from the perspective of a talmudist’s sock, and you think that’s a good thing?

I was trying to figure you out and then I saw Elista note this

their insatiable desire to be deceived

Elista is a true minority, an evolved being. His ancestors must have known to keep quiet during the purges. Jids are so close-minded I doubt they can ever experience his level of evolution. The most refined ape on the planet and in danger of extinction. No concern there, nothing to worry about there, especially if you’re a bitter white nigger.

Phenomenologically I feel more “excited” when I look up something and see a link to a livejournal or forum or something like that, because I know it will be free of the stultifying bureaucratic nonsense. Social media is done for in that sense, might as well be professionals being interviewed for a jewb. Plastic people plastic people, how I want to melt you down and form you into a new being. Ha yeah right, my hope is gone, nihilists don’t care that they’re nihilists.

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