More than any 21st century book, many of them

Anyone else get that impression? That certain of these 19th century books are more accurate than any 21st century one? The above is from a post on Brafman’s Book of Kagal by the way. Always have to have that suspicion too that these texts are edited. One could theoretically mine these books for the best lines and put them all together into a 150 page PDF, that way more normies will be made aware. Besides Brafman I think of Shmakov and Lutostansky.

The ones I’ve found are already so good – is there a hidden edition out there somewhere that’s even better?

Don’t you think that’s “slightly” important if it’s true (which I think it is), that a few of these books cast more light on the modern world than any written in the modern world? And I doubt you’ll see anyone promoting them. You’d be floored if you saw the way they behave from off the reservation. There’s a “mafia” element to it. They all agree to stick together and keep quiet, about crimes past and present. Not just technical legal crimes, informal dirtbag behavior in general that the kikes are responsible for. They really are like a corporation, they act as one person, and aren’t regarded as a person. I’m speaking hear not just of Hyksos, I mean any goy who is not in total ignorance about all this. It’s an extended “crime family”. Part of the crime is the superimposition of the image of them as pristine, innocent, even model moral citizens. You can live in the matrix if you want I guess. Narrator’s voice- “They do want to.” Even the best goyim seem to be stuck at the master perspective (i.e. rabbi) – the reason they want to live in the matrix is because they can’t see beyond that. I was there myself once, and I’ve given you the resources to decisively break from the crime family if you so choose. I read you people like a book. If you’re a member of the crime family your opinion on anything doesn’t matter because you are clearly a corrupt person.

This you?

S’not difficult to see how this applies to the US, subtracting the prominence of Schneerson. That’s another book that could be mined though- his. If you aren’t part of the cabal, that is. If you don’t pathetically grovel before the kagal, that is. Which I bet you do you miserable cretin. HAHAHAHA!

Once you see through the lies, all “Christian” means is not being a dirtbag, i.e. “Jew”

What’s that? You said I’m a pioneer in the philosophy of religion? Don’t flatter me!

Seriously, if you want to talk in Absolutist Abstractions, we’re talking about Good vs. Evil here, and if you’re part of the crime family, needless to say we know what side you’re on.

There’s half the population right there, I doubt many are able to escape

This forum is great

All kinds of careerists, opportunists, individuals mentally handicapped, spiritually damaged, hopelessly immersed in materiality… in other words, fools, in the broadest sense of the word.

I’m not exaggerating, finding these banned books over the last few months I’ve experienced a shift in perception that can only be likened to these types of images

If you don’t bother to read them it’s your loss.

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