A follower of Dobroslav, Prozorov (Прозоров)

Veles is perceived as an enemy of Yahweh. Sviatoslav must be seen as a Jesus-figure. These “pagans” tend to draw on the Vedas. They’re so lucky to have a Sviatoslav in their culture. They have such a history with “them”.

Another pagan in this coterie who believes 200 Years Together is only surface

I bet a few banned anons over the years could’ve put their posts together into books that would’ve been 1000x better than any of the books those pieces of filth allow to be published. Just “finding friends” that did put their posts together into books.

Some of these pagans Russia gives awards to, I obviously just x out of that page. This I always see on the side of that MENA studies center site is the only award anyone should ever want

Eh found an introductory excerpt to a Dobroslav book at least – occultism vs. cathedralism

The banksters serve as the “entities” of the hoi poloi.

This is one of the most dangerous thinkers in Russia?

It is noteworthy that in this world there are no gods as such. Instead of them, there are some Forces-Essences

That’s what they don’t like, us going to the Source. They want to keep people locked in abstractions of their creation, rather than letting them return to Being and derive their own “fresh” abstractions of their own creation.

A Leary-type? I kind of get a semi-trip just looking at him

Heidegger does something similar by going back to the presocratics. Evola, Ancient Rome. This is the Russkie version. It’s using another time to criticize the present order. It’s even more mind-warping when it’s from the same place and time. America doesn’t have many resources in that department. We could always bring back the spirit of the 1770s…

Someone wrote a book on Dobroslav

they surround him from all sides, gladly raising their right hands in a “Roman” greeting and wildly goggling their eyes … Dobroslav is looking somewhere up, over the narrow-mindedness of their faces – as if he sees the Sky through the ceiling, through all these meaningless overlaps that cannot hide the True Sky from him …

This is true – the definitive book on the subject is soo bad, don’t even read it

Someone like this is one of the first ones on their banned list? There’s something moving about that

I heard they put him in a loony bin too for some time – what the west does with its “schizophrenics”.

One of his yoga techniques for ascending to higher planes is… smelling flowers. Demonic, diabolical.


If it wasn’t effective he wouldn’t be banned, that’s my reasoning here.

The most I’ve been able to find so far is 14 pages.

What we can determine so far is that the “god” Veles is a real force. And the Jids don’t like it. I’ll have to add him to my pantheon with Dionysus.

I will continue trying to free this Veles from the celestial gulag.

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