Understand the importance of the жид word-shift from this page of Dobroslav’s Magi book. It’s a really insidious word-shift. Didn’t they always say that Satan would appear as a gentleman? That’s how the new word makes them sound. Yevrey. Yes, the screens are controlled by gentlemen. Definitely read that page, says it all about жид and PC culture in general, from a mystic’s eye-view.

He seems like Russia’s Crowley, from these few pages alone at least. Here is at least some of the final text of his that they put on the List. I’m impressed at the extent to which they cleansed him from the internet.

Similar to Shestopal he was a 60s dissident. This is what their 60s dissidents were like.

Huh, never heard of this

The collection includes materials from one of the most notorious political trials of 1960-1980 in the USSR. The case was heard (January 8-12, 1968) in the Moscow City Court.

He only got a couple years for this. He avoided arrest a few years before that by feigning mental illness. We get the word “samizdat” from Russia, and he seems to exemplify it, to this day. 13 years spent in the gulag in total – this must be like the real-deal Solzhenitsyn.

Hm some word-play here

Pff one of the ones they didn’t ban.

The rest are like this

And I’m at the end of the results for google.

A book he inspired here at least.

Ah at last… his book on Sviatoslav.

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