Do I have an “oppressive presence” or something, I don’t get it. Is this why they hate white males? I’m just chillin, you can relax.

I keep thinking of this that I posted earlier

There just seems to be so much irony-poisoning among my age-group, and I don’t think I have much of that- in other words, I mean what I say.

People just really like that filtered reality I guess. “Reality is oppressive.” Is it though? I’ve said a few times that this stuff is nothing to me, and I’m literally “just chillin”.

“You’re not supposed to talk to people the way you do.” Why, I don’t understand, they’ll never grow if you always filter reality.

Did you ever get around to switching it up and reading something valuable rather than shitposts all day? The “con” I speak of (that I think that probably less than .1% of the population truly grasps) is connected with this need to filter reality among the Jids. They never can learn their lesson because they keep funding project after project to convince themselves that they’re innocent. You’re not going to get the directness you see here from Shamir or the rest like him. And they just plug their ears and go la la la. That’s why we have this political order, because they could never learn. And now they have most of the goyim as part of their extended crime family of immorality that is scared of speaking unfiltered truths. You’re not oppressed, we’re just having a talk.

White males remind me of “YHWH” in the sense that the name isn’t even supposed to be spoken according to their tradition. We’re just too far above you.

I think it would be better for country overall if we were to revise the Jids’ idea of political order. That’s what someone who is above you thinks. Someone who sees through you in every word you say, and sees you as an ant. Thoughts about that?

They don’t care about the good, they care about control. They have a medieval babylonian conception of politics. The only option is to “round them up” because they’re too narcissistic and can never admit their flaws. That’s just who they are, genetically.

We’re basically living in a rule-through-thievery regime. You really want to say that these criminals know what’s best for all of us?

No, they don’t. They’re too attached to the ground, they’re incapable of rising into the air, where the ideals are. That is just who they are. Historiography (which is controlled by them) has created the image in most people’s minds that they’re the saints of saints. No, they’re materialistic, greedy, spiteful liars. And that’s just a polite way to say it. If you want to be part of their extended criminal family then nothing stops you, because they disappear anyone who might try to stop you. Just try to stop believing in that delusion that you are a virtuous person, when the reality is that pretty much what everyone not off the reservation ever does is in the service of immoral plutocrats and illiterate peasants. That’s you. Feel oppressed when you hear that? Then you might want to revise your idea of oppression.

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