If people wanted to form a new CIA, they probably laugh at that thought. We can theorize about that. It’s the idea of entrusting a group of people to operate lawlessly. The CIA now is mostly bureaucrats, they can’t be blamed for never wondering “what is the CIA supposed to do?” The one word out of all the words that I think of first is Leveling. This is a form of undermining the country. The “crime family” I speak of? One of their core ideas is that active lobotomization is among the highest principles. That has left a security-network, who is in their own way off the reservation, without any kind of guide at all, and to me that is what the internet is, or could potentially be used for. “So just get to the point then.” Do I even have to say it? The secret police should surrender to the ones of the internet who know more than them. “You don’t know that!!” You ever wonder why white people speak ebonics? It’s because the security infrastructure of the covert agencies has no mind within itself. The Chinese laffin at all ya’ll sheeit. Negro-America nuthin ta laff at in eyes of dose yellows doe. We in merica r slaves n sheeit n, ppl in china dey neva know bout what we do here. Cuz niggas be gettin charity in sheeit yknawmsayin? Dog? Like we out here bein niggers and da Chinese laffin at us, u know? Sheeit I caint spect wyfolk to ever understand and sheeit. I like dem hebruze n all dat. White folk dint enslave us? It was Jews? Nah we aint jus slaves of them in the current year. Sheeit. No one loves a whore? What is da point of life mann? Jews whores niggers are good in society, yeah and especially cowards too who say this is good.

“Do you ever think before you speak?” You dare to ask me that question when you could never survive one question in a live debate with me? All the bioleninists only exist through silencing, i.e. through lobotomization. Look at this retard, they are promoting people being stupid, looks like a good person who isn’t dirty in any way.

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