There’s no end to what can be “found out” about the planetary supervillain

What’s my hobby? Holding America hostage, and then when my demands aren’t met, murdering it.

This isn’t such a bad definition of them

This is what you put yourself at the mercy of when you question them. The exoteric perspective is that you’re a callous genocide advocate and thus deserve to be exiled from the society of morality. The esoteric perspective is that if you highlight their criminality then you now are a visible target for those very criminals. So let’s cut the weepy hand-wringing about the emaciated auschwitz photos. People tend to dissolve into that delusion just to survive in this world that they’ve made into an underworld. In other words, the halfwit perspective is that they have the moral high-ground and you deserve to be removed from the social morality contract for questioning them. The “deliberate investigator of the underworld” perspective is that they in fact have the “immoral low-ground” from the start. Better get your presuppositions in right order there.

Why none of them should be trusted

There are varying levels of awareness among them. They’ll read the above excerpt and not know precisely what “Moshiach” means. Rather, they will feel like a “proud Jew” and submit their personality to the kagal. While a minority of them will work to some degree against the kagal and remain within its protective horizon.

There are scientists out there who study bonobos, I’d fall asleep if I was studying bonobos.

Lots of links to understanding the mysteries of their motivations here

“Just trust the pilots” is the typical sentiment. I doubt you’ve ever truly even looked out the window if you say that. We’re descending to crash, there isn’t a runway there, and they’re the only ones with parachutes.

You think that people in a country of the future will study America the way I study Galicia?

You’re pretty much the king of the galaxy when you say something like this

In my opinion, the first thing we need to fight for is for all the goyim to receive a high education in Zionology as possible… the rabbis are also not alien to such thoughts and are also not always happy with their wards… And the Jews would not hurt to catch up – the level of their knowledge is also depressingly low. 

All most goyim can do, much like automata, is respond from the perspective that “the Jids have it all figured out”. Are you so sure that both your and their knowledge isn’t depressingly low? That’s what it seems like in every case I encounter. Never truly got their window open, believe the screen on the seat in front of them, and the pilots are on auto-pilot.

That’s just their face, there’s no mask there

 in the kingdom of the Antichrist, all trained goyim will, under pain of severe punishment, certainly wear such false, servile masks shining with idiocy on their faces

Reminds me of how when I’m in a store not wearing a COVID mask I get the distinct impression sometimes that people have the thought to murder me. “You risk my life, I might as well kill you.” They never say anything, probably because I’m tall and stoic-looking, it’s something that can be felt in the stomach though, a chemical intuition of their bloodlust.

You’re just a pure idiot, you’re not even wearing a mask. In most cases anyway. And they have thoughts of your demise for telling them this.

Shamir calls it a “slave cult”. Indeed, indeed! One wonders who ISN’T enslaved – even the pilots seem to be. The rabbis of today are the socks of the rabbis of yore. I’m a reptile, deal with it. And give me control of the military.

I think it’s the rise of science that doomed them. They used to be rootless in one way- they’re not used to this further uprooting. Just dispersed in the wind with no grounding at all. Modernity has engulfed them as much as it has anyone else. 99% of them have no clue what the Moshiach is, they’re driven purely by decadent “modern ideas”. It’s the Mammonites at the helm, not the mystics. What is being universalized is distance from the pre-Abrahamic Source. Given the reign of Scientism in our time, these words to them are mostly meaningless. They’re in the pilot’s cabin, they couldn’t care less what any passenger says anyway. Bring in the lobster. I think it’s a lot about self-esteem to them. It’s a false sense that they’re Gods on earth. It’s more of a type of demon that is imprisoned by its own self-deception.

This is just peak-psychology here, this should be in the next DSM

Empathy and love are transferred from the God-man Jesus Christ to… (the collective, “neurotic superego of Jewish conciliarity”). That is, on the very pernicious “egregorial essence” that crucified Him.

Many of us moderns will probably understand this better if we substitute Jesus here with Kant.

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