There’s zero doubt about these two observations – persist in denial at your own peril

Secular feminism is good for them, bad for us, and these are two of the defining characteristics of the modern belief-system. Scrapping them won’t be easy for many.

“A religious man thinks he’s going to tell me what to do with my life?” There are good things about atheism and feminism- their mainstream manifestation, not so much. People who believe they are their own god tend to have lowered ideals. Furthermore, it’s not that they lose divine or male authority, it’s that the kagal now determines their ideals. The reason they’re so low is because part of the kagal wants what’s worst for their host. This is due in part to the lies they tell themselves. Think of that so-called pogrom in Eastern Europe, the proto-holocaust, how they boosted the numbers of those killed and taught their children a slanted version of why the peasants revolted. In their minds, we “deserve it”. A seasoned fashy type like me couldn’t even suggest a book on Adolf that seems objective, because I don’t know of one. The “conspiracies” I tend to see on the Russnet seem more plausible than anything in English, and note, Russians to this day generally side more with the ally powers so one can’t accuse them of “white bias” or something like that. Just saying, if you want to emulate Shahak that’s the direction I’d point you in. On the Russnet he emerges as neither a hero nor quite a demon, so a more balanced perspective than we’re all used to.

Hot take on bioleninism

We can also say this: [Idealists] are a genuine intellectual elite, atheists are fools. And the Jews are not just fools, but fools “ideologically pumped up”, “scientists” and propagandized… Therefore, among atheists and women, any Jew is always a “leader”, ringleader, a kind of “first guy in the village.” Both women and atheists, due to some of their intellectual sloth, are the natural environment of the Judaizers… It is not surprising that any Jew “instinctively” seeks to surround himself exclusively with women and atheists, and to destroy all [Idealists] as a class. In order not only to rule and dominate ideologically, but also to seem “smarter” to himself.

Feel like I’m walking into a room and asking, You kids playing nice in here? Is your big brother getting you into trouble?

The answer’s “Yes”. And it’s the kind of trouble that leads to misery. That’s where all immorality leads.

I don’t expect people to listen, because convenient to live in a culture like this. Until it catches up to you, that is.

People probably think I’m just a sadist–okay, I do have moods like that. Usually though no, just a concerned fellow human being. If someone wants to be whipped though you do know who to ask.

We’re talking about the caste-system here- it exists. Everyone is supposed to be subordinate to the kagal, or else. You can decide for yourself if you are happy about the world that it is responsible for, I only try to give a voice to those who are discontent (if not purely miserable) and afraid to say anything about it. I’m sure there are Jews who would want to say similar things, especially the idealist ones. The kagal is where it is because it abandoned morality, it’s not something to be proud of if you submit your personality to it. Ironically, the very fact alone that you can’t question it suffices to disqualify it as an authority. Women should read Savitri Devi, she can show you how to veer off away from this stampeding herd culture – a female brahmin. “Reading? That’s not shopping though.” I kid. Unless? … Another way they’re similar to Jews hm…

See what I mean? Jids don’t judge you, thus people will be prone to side with them. Don’t you think that itself is something to be judged? “Oh so you’re judging me for that too!” See, it’s impossible to get out of this.

This is really perceptive

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