The people of that forum live in a totally inverted world beyond what I’ve ever seen

Awareness of the Talmud is first-instinct there.

WE are the ones living in an inverted world, they’re the ones with the right idea.

“We believed in the Talmud for 1500 years, and in its basic principles for 1000 years before that – why are you telling me that after the rise of secularism the last few decades all traces of that book are erased from who we are?!”

Last few decades, you make a great point. That’s enough time after 2500 years. You convinced me.

The people of this forum aren’t convinced.

I have so many ideas for books that I give to people to freely plagiarize- Hollywood and the Talmud.

The goyim is in some trouble, and I don’t claim to be able to get us out of it, I can just give you some ideas.

Think of Kant on one hand and Auschwitz on the other. Is that a Kantian thing to do, to kill people who are non-Kantians?? This is a borderline irresolvable ethical dilemma.

This is like 30th grade Holocaust Studies some of us are in now. The Nazis had to abandon the Christ-ethic so that everyone wouldn’t be infused with the Talmud-(non)ethic. Now that they’re gone, everyone is a Talmudist. And they’re the Satan of the religion because they tried to end Talmudism. And now the goyim have fully accepted their role as goyim. What does this mean, you ask? The double-standard of morality is accepted by both parties, that is, that bad things can be done to the goyim, and Jids can do it with impunity. Aren’t there any civilized Jews who see something wrong with this? “Wrong? What does the word ‘wrong’ mean in the Talmudist’s universe? It’s only right from that perspective.” See how this is tricky to talk about? That’s the political order we’re living in and I do have to say that I feel pretty wronged. “Shut up dumb goy, we are supposed to kill anyone who tells non-jews about the Talmud, you’re lucky we let you off easy.” Is this not a reality?! They’ll never say that directly, and yet how true it is?

I’ll leave you to contemplate all this. It isn’t easy to understand when you’re living in their world. A radically new set of presuppositions is necessary, and this forum is helping me cultivate them.

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