Yes, the only reason they exist at all is through censorship (which is a form of bribery at the end of the day)

It is easy to calculate in advance on what issues and at what point the representatives of this group will begin to lie in the most godless way, ensuring the dominance of the inverted system of Jewish “values”

None of the canonical philosophers are here to help us navigate this, none in any robust sense, and it’s kind of exciting for that reason. They’re probably necessary to get to a certain level then they’re of not much use at all. What’s the use of all of Montaigne next to this above forum excerpt? It’s truer than you could ever imagine, and I try to help you in fact imagine it so you can adjust to the reality of the world. They’re good at hiding the impression that they’re an “extended crime family” – once you start to look however you see it in everything they say. Just focus on the above quotation and try to interpret some of them that way.

So what do we mean by inverted system of values here? It is a blinding idea to the demos, this is only for 30th grade holocaust studies adepts. Are you ready? I’m not sure if you’re ready. Semite… is defined as “bad”. And thus, “anti-semite” equates to anti-bad.

In conclusion, the worst possible thing you can be in our culture is against immorality.

I don’t expect many people to see what’s going on here. What was it they said about Mel Gibson, that he bit the hand that feeds?

Humans create, that’s what they do. The question is, do you want the product of your creation to be mediated by intrinsically immoral people?

Why wouldn’t you bite someone like that?

They don’t do anything. If you study the “nobel prize” carefully you might get the idea that they intentionally rig it in their favor. They’re merchants and usurers more than anything else and they use their greed to convince you they’re something more than that. All they do is interfere in the nobler pursuits of the goyim. They could never accept the fact that a lowly mercantile caste such as theirs was not “the chosen people”. Chosen to be the closest thing in the world to the devil, sure.

You thought you had it easy and that you knew what “good” was, weren’t you lucky. The good is the Jew, and the bad is anyone who disagrees with the Jew. Do you really think that God made life that easy? You have it all figured out, there’s no journey to learn from. Jewry isn’t actually the closest parallel to true Satanism in the world, you have it all figured out, and you’re not a Satanist yourself!

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