“Why don’t you just forgive me?”

Why do you think I even keep talking to you? Being a cladistic-christian always means finding value in people. Even if you don’t see any value in them at all..

Let’s try to be real here, you’re a Satanist. You believe there’s no difference between good and evil. Ask yourself why I should have tolerance of you.

“Because dirtclods are GOOD!” Really? That seems illogical. How can a dirtclod be good? Really, tell me. Why am I banned and scapegoated for asking you that, dirtclod? Ah right because we live in a dirtclod order, that makes it all make sense.

I honestly believe that humans are only happy when they have a face to face conversation about the highest ontological ideas, and that isn’t allowed with the materialists in charge. Thus no one can actually be human with each other. “Settle for being a sellout on social media instead” – sounds meaningful.

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