Seeing if there’s anything world-shattering from the recent global sci-fi scene – I ask India first

a section of science fictionists promote science fiction as a story of the future and are trying to establish their creations as motivators for scientists

It’s almost like asking a child certain things, the way some countries talk about various subjects as if they’re new to them.

Things that are so obvious here we forget them.

“It’s just fiction.” Is it? Some geeks who liked that fiction knew about inventions decades before they appeared.

Ah, next then

Zis is true?

My first thought was to look in the Netherlands or something.

You can never tell if a white person is being honest when they respond to a POC in such fashion

Sure Jesus, like I’m going to believe you.

An Indian tells it like it is

Writing Science fiction requires some amount of scientific attitude and some grounding in science. Unfortunately most Indian languages are impoverished. What they claim to be science fiction is not really so. It could be, at the most , a fantasy.

I keep seeing Mary Shelley mentioned as the creator of the genre. Feminists – 1, Me – 7000.

A Colombian who says something honest that you can’t expect from wonderbreads

God, whites are so annoying. Is that you, baby, or just a brilliant disguiseeee.

When I look at it within a global context, sci-fi is more of a “1st world genre” than I’d realized.

The best sci-fi I’ve read recently was that CRISPR one. Most people of the world are more concerned with “healthcare” than posthumanism.

I’m mostly looking for the deleuzian invention of concepts- one finds that in sci-fi sometimes.

I can mostly only expect lies from these people

“It’s such a good book!!!!!” Yeah or the writer had brown skin.

Are they going to do this forever? I want to know what the best books are. “It’s this one written by a brown woman!!”

If they said that about some Russian or Syrian sci-fi then I’d actually believe them.

When imperialism might not be such a bad thing

most bookstores in Latin America and Spain that do have a science fiction section stock mostly translations into Spanish or Portuguese of the European and North American classics… for any SF to be “good” it must be imported

I bet you never thought about the necessity of a people having a Newton to have advanced sci-fi later.

That’s a cold thought- the pre-scientific peoples of the earth are “spam” in a way.

-Jeff Jesus raises his hand to disagree- Of course you would. Is your social media timeline spam? Then I feel sorry for you.

Saudi Arabia sounding familiar to this town-dump of a country

A book that tries to explain genies [jinn] with string theory. Banned by Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qataris. Cue westerners patting themselves on the back that they’re so above those Arabs – think of what you ban, you’re a hypocrite.

Shamanic sci-fi? That could be good

I’m one of the only white people you can trust to evaluate this stuff.

Disagree? How about we look into Israeli sci-fi? ahahahaha

Whoa, you could probably use this to get into their heads

Now now, let’s not give yourselves away

the editors declare that the Jewish State is the only nation star in the planet’s history to be founded on not one but two seminal works of fantasy — the Hebrew Bible and Zionist Ideologue Theodore Zev Herzl’s 1902 utopia, Altneuland (Old New Land.) 

I can vibe with this

I mean, that’s what Israel already is, according to their own tradition.

They describe it as “zi-fi” – a high likelihood it’s better than anything outside the “civilization continent”.

This is how they begin the introduction to that anthology

The State of Israel may be regarded as the quintessential science fiction (SF) nation—the only country on the planet inspired by not one, but two seminal works of wonder

It IS a conspicuous country, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be sweet to find Hodos-inspired sci-fi? Closest thing I know of is Yarovrat.

“The Protocols are fictional!” What do you think Herzl is? Speaking of using sci-fi to create new technology – is a new country a new technology?

“Only my fantasy is reality.”

Their egregore lives on pure hyperstition.

Hence the need to write counter-hyperstitions. Does any goyim exit fiction exist? Not that I know of. “The Pale” film. Yeah right. Reminds me, I have to get back to the theory behind that potential future art. … The quantum mechanics of genies though? That’s tempting to study, I have to admit.

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