They all happily take part in this and want anyone against it dead

This you? You dirt?

Living in the same thought-space as moderns is like wading through a sewage tank. I can’t imagine being the type of person who would feel “accused” upon hearing that.

As futile as Trump was, there’s been a tangible shift since “Biden” took office. I warned you that people would gradually move libward without even realizing it. Hopefully some have hunkered down in some of the various psychic fallout shelters I’ve suggested. It feels like I finally figured it all out, and the political conditions that would allow for others to understand are far from favorable.

Ha these fucking ads I see – part of me’s going “just forget it man, just live a normal life” and that’s what typically overwhelms people

Those won’t exist anymore if you don’t do anything about it.

This forum is seriously like a postdoc Seminar or something

This mod seems to claim that ketman is practiced in Kant’s Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View

It’s not about “being cruel” – I witness all this on a daily basis, don’t you? An anti-elite and no one says anything against them.

I find lots of noble souls among the Russians

I am not ready to sacrifice my reason – even for the sake of establishing “warm, friendly relations” with you.

I don’t think the faint of heart can get past the “mean” appearance of all this. Is it mean to call Biden a “fool”? Is it not true? The shadow gov is a fool. Only a fabricated narrative of historical victimhood leads you to feel sorry for a people that is deemed foolish. There are empirical reasons why they ended up that way.

Maimon, a Talmudist prodigy from Kant’s time, puts it this way

Every normie knows “da gubmint’s makin us stoopid” and only about 1% can detail exactly how and why they are doing it. People who don’t talk about this stuff don’t care about you, it’s that simple. All they care about is avoiding the guillotine.

Oh you want me to talk about the corrupt goyim instead? You can study the barnacles on the whale if you want. The dirtiest rotten scoundrels on earth, and all most have ever done as a response is hoot and throw a banana at me. I think they tend to identify with jids, in a way they might not realize.

You must admit that the fact that Jewry was able to seize power in the country a thousand years ago is a consequence of the fact that the Russians had dark sides of consciousness, they were not flawless. And the Russians should be attributed to the Jews as an infection to which immunity has not yet been developed.

Some interesting theories about Marx and the Talmud in the next page of that thread. Too taboo to think about for many of his followers I reckon.

A clue as to why the detritus is lowkey A-ok with “Biden”, the covert agencies, the “cathedral” in general

There’s no way their intellectual elite can study Marx cladistically with any objectivity, a pure being outside time and space he is to them. One of the most prominent members of the kagal we’re talking about here mind you, they don’t always have to be alive. Leftists shudder before Marx, their idol in both senses of the term. There’s no possible way they’re escaping the hypnotism of that rabbi. Question him and they’ll really hiss at you in a frenzy.

Can’t wait to “try” it again

The result of the Marxian terror was an unheard-of concentration of finance and political power in the hands of Talmudic ultra-fascists, the complete destruction of civil society, the creation of a system of simulacra instead of public institutions, a regime of total poverty, lawlessness and slavery in the Russian Federation.

“It’s never been tried” – so say the hellspawn who bloodthirstily revile all Kantians and anyone else without a soul made of muck.

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