Why does this stuff even need to be talked about?

There is no doubt that the term “anti-Semitism” was created and introduced into everyday life by experts of the highest class in the destruction of the goy’s consciousness… The hand of the most experienced professionals is visible here.

You think you can take them on by yourself? Even after getting an “elite education” at one of their institutions? A bunch of people whose great-grandparents were mostly farmers?? These are pros we’re dealing with here. Think of Einstein except in the field of social engineering. Want to mess with him? It’s not a simple task to get around their programming.

Imagine you’re a farmer. You’d be pretty stupid to keep your cows without a fence. That’s what that term is.

Want to hear something disturbing? The Talmud is an agricultural text.

They can’t help it, they’re farmers, that’s just who they are.

Basically, I ran through the electric fence and I’m all tangled up in it and honestly I do feel perpetually electrocuted being outside of the reservation, and you better escape while you still can before they repair it. Many are too docile, continuing to graze. mmmmMMMOOOOO

The farmers like you, they pet your snout as they pass to attend to the fence


The word is like a cattle-prod. You’re not supposed to understand it, you’re only supposed to be zapped.

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