An unusually nice sentiment I have to tell you

If you’re a dark-skinned person and you were able to read through all I’ve said so far then you aren’t a nigger.

It’s the question of what you do with it. I actually have the answer in my mind for what you can do and most people of your type aren’t ready to hear it. I can tell you if you want.

“You aint tellin me whiteboi”

I do know what could help you though.

“You aint helpin me”

You sound like a redneck. I know what can help you “not be a nigger”. Do you want to know or not?

“No, I’m a ..”

Just having a normal chat here. The one thing you could do is have “humility”.

“I know jungle consciousness.” Do you know what people beyond the jungle know?

“I’m black and white men are… “

No black or gid will ever answer that.

White men are people who can see something about you that is beyond your conformist public persona.

“I’m white now.”

No you’re black and need guidance. Or you’re brown, and need guidance then too.

“I am a jungle creature.”

Just shut up and accept.

“We can theorize a utopia into existence” – how I imagine you when you’re beautified.

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