This from a book on self-deception makes me laugh

Speaking of lunatic asylums, if there’s one concept I know of that could drive a perfectly sane person to a mental institution it’s self-deception. Thinking about it too much actually did drive me crazy once when I was younger, though thankfully I didn’t end up in a loony bin.

This is a post in the “zoom out series” given that I’m almost always talking about self-deception, if indirectly.

Everyperson wants to say what’s on their mind, and our political environment doesn’t allow that. Thus they have to tell themselves certain lies as to why they should keep quiet. “I have flawless reasons for being silent!” Do you? You only have your own self to ask, are you sure your self will be honest with you when it answers?

It’s futile to even talk about self-deception because people’s self-deception tells them they don’t deceive themselves. Are you doing that right now?

Of course you’re not, you’re YOU, you’re perfect.

This perhaps harmless-seeming concept is enough to cause total civilizational meltdown. Thankfully it’s next to impossible for most to understand.

Want to play a fun game?

Sit quietly with yourself and say to yourself in your mind “I am lying to myself.”

What was your first thought when you did that?

Didn’t have one? I bet. WHO is it that doesn’t want you to think of it? Yourself.

Maybe it sounds obvious- the most important thing to remember is that it’s always the SELF that deceives, it’s not someone else, it’s YOU. You’re always there, you’re always the one doing it. You just don’t have self-awareness of yourself doing it. Unless you sit quietly and tell yourself “I’m lying to myself.”

About what?


That’s what I thought.

Though not a soul will admit it, in our culture self-deception is seen as something “healthy”. If you’re living a lie that means you have good mental health. No one will say it and it’s true.

Here’s a good one- “Totalitarianism is fine.” The only reason that “conviction” survives is through self-deception. And then you might go crazy if you don’t have that self-deception. Thankfully you do, so you’re probably pretty unfazed by all this.

Do any of these words mean anything to you?

They’re just chapters, you don’t have to take them personally. “Why would I have?” Why would you have?

Once again, my posts are always about self-deception, I just rarely say it explicitly.

That’s fine, you’re a person who never lies to yourself, so none of it would have ever affected you anyway.

One way to think of it is as “agreements” the self makes with the self. Were you sure to agree with yourself about that? “That?”

You’re just a smiling Buddha, you never lie to yourself. So carefree you might as well have the ability to fly. “Yes! That is what I am!” I wish you were. The world would be a better place if no one deceived themselves.

I’m just mostly giving you the form of the problem. Everyone has their own content they can add to it, I don’t know what’s going on in your head (though I can make an educated guess).

What’s stopping you from facing the truth? It’s only the truth.

This would be easier in an entheogenic therapy setting. It’s easier to dissolve the ego when there is eye-contact as well. The ego is something impressive, it’s tough as a diamond. Meddling with people’s lives.

It’s so un-mess-withable that they’re probably smiling knowingly at all this, believing themselves to have it all figured out already. Someone who lives amidst the evils of the world doesn’t lie to themselves? Give me a break. There’s absolutely NOTHING evil about YOU, don’t worry about it. You haven’t had to adjust to the evils of the world in any way that you would hate to admit.

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