I haven’t even gotten into the freemason side of all this – Oliver confirms something I thought Shahak was absurd for saying

Waite, i.e. one of the brains behind the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

What, you don’t like “schizo story hour”? I happen to like this kind of stuff, I don’t care if you think I’m crazy

Don’t ask what this means unless you want to burn in hell

When a qliphot elemental has possessed you and you aren’t you anymore


From that Shahak review again

Here is a book on voodoo through the lens of quantum theory – if you’re an eternal skeptic maybe this help you understand.

This is just a fun post, nothing serious–or the most serious, up to you.

The relevant question in this context is, Do the elites know what they’re doing? The answer is that if they’re “masons” who are members of a secret mystical society then us plebs can’t really know for sure.

The following would certainly explain the goyim elites of the establishment

Freemasonry does not have political independence in any of its rituals and branches, but in higher degrees is completely tied to the Jewish Kabbalah and the Babylonian-Egyptian mysteries – in other words, on their Talmudic (Chaldean) masters.

Go ahead and talk about this, it’s just religion. Oh wait, I bet you won’t. That’s only for the initiates, not the coifed serfs.

This sounds like something to attain to

If only I had a group to perform rituals with – I’ve read that true initiation is only through that. Live in the world, worship mammon, waste all your time paying attention to frivolous, ephemeral current events instead, you boor.

This is why I want to access that Chabad library – non-exoteric resources

Oh no, am I going to have a dream of a succubus after thinking about this stuff – that happens sometimes, oh well.

Imagine not wanting to be one of these weapons

Platonov has multiple books on this general subject, I’m going to have to get to those (War and Peace-heavy tomes).

Do I believe in charms spells potions all that? Nah. Alternate states of consciousness accessible through ritual are a different story. Non-consensus reality of higher worlds where something (or someone) can be contacted that is not understandable to our ordinary egoic state here. I understand it enough to talk about it while dwelling in this earthly realm so maybe you’re similar?

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