I don’t care if I’m alienating, I only try to say things that I think people similar to me will appreciate, and this gives me a good laugh

The Jews’ contempt for their befuddled and spineless victims is probably justified

Years ago there was that phenomenon of a certain type of people who–usually smugly–would tell you that one of their hobbies was “people-watching”, often from a park bench – remember those? I feel similar to that type, and people just tend to be really bad people-watchers. You’re being watched, by me, and I’m laughing at you annnd I don’t expect you to take much enjoyment in that fact. “Studying humans” is at a puerile stage.

There must be a secret history of priests smiling and nodding at people who they know are too profane to be saved.

The priests held us back in that way. I’m imagining an unkempt dirty gypsy in a back alley. If you can’t expression your repulsion then you’re not going to bring others to that level of awareness, and you only condemn them to be similar to that gypsy.

You should check out that Revilo Oliver (yes the name is a palindrome) – this is one of the rare cases of someone with a scholarly nature treating these sorts of subjects that I do. Even better, an American from the last few decades.

I think the mechanism that preserves the “gypsy”, the Setian, whatever you want to call it, is binding together to avoid shame. Think of if you were alone and you were laughed at by a group. One person laughing at a group is a totally different dynamic. They all support each other and that keeps them in their mutual self-deception. Deceived selves deceiving other deceived selves that they’re all not deceiving themselves. Sounds impossible – that’s the reality, clear as day, and repulsive as a raccoon covered with spoiled leftovers from your fridge that you threw out.

This is Oliver’s estimate – instead of Christians I see them as “white idealists”

Heathens is a good word for the 85%. The plane of perception they’re forever on is slightly more nuanced than trailer park toilet humor. And they will be mobbed if they try to rise above that. What they call “the streets” you could say- those brachiating vulgarians have taken to the internet and seek to avoid all abstraction possible, and maintain a discourse of narrow, childlike trivialities. A greasy, smelly lot, ragged and petty, wheelin and dealin, very reminiscent of the figure of the carnie. Tramps, fraudsters. There are so many of them that it isn’t questioned. The internet is something like a rundown city, “the projects”. I’ll just call them godless heathens with no thought of tomorrow and be done with it. Then there is the pocket of shining lights, the stuff I link to. I think that people tend to be made of inanimate matter, a sort of anti-light.

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