This from Revilo again is poignant

When I see that our people are either too doltish to perceive their degradation or too craven to care, I am close to despair… We are left with what is, on the whole, an Aryan proletariat

Not much to do with a population like that. I’m an honorary Chabadnik at this rate. (Saying that is part of my infiltration strategy).

I don’t know what it is about secrets, why I need to know all of the secrets of the universe

Does anyone have a secret to tell me? What is it about secrets? I just need to know.

The typical prole is uninterested in life’s mysteries. Forged in the genetic furnace to be a bot. This lockdown, all this freetime that many of them had, wtf did they even do? Being a bot doing something else most likely. Even with otium, the bot remains. Tragic? That’s just Being.

The reason I’m not allergic to the Talmud, is the same reason I’m not allergic to the Zarathustra- it’s exceedingly obvious that “natural slaves” are an existent thing. What I disagree with is making people into more of slaves than they already are. I’m sorry if you find yourself sneezing while reading this- if you are it gives you an idea of your caste in this world. “Only a terrible monster says that!” That’s how our elites ACT toward you, they just don’t SAY it. And they’re even more terrible of monsters for wanting you to be even worse off than you are now. So pick which one you’d prefer to sneeze at. Hint- it’s the one who puts it into words, because otherwise you can live in ignorance. “I simply don’t believe it, I believe that they want equality.” That’s what they’ve told lots of countries they’ve lived in. The ones that ended in ruin with them rich and hopping to the next golden calf. I think you’re just meant to be an exploited slave, most signs point to that. I’m usually addressing my posts to “the American nation” by the way. I guess I can see why people make a pact with evil. What is the alternative? I don’t know, mocking evil? Might as well marry in with Jews at this point, whites are going to be baboons by the time they leave this sinking ship and migrate to China. Lots of noble goys have done that throughout history, and look where we are now. They kept choosing the easiest option. And anyone who tried to say anything against it they perceived through the lens of a Talmudist. Brainless proles controlled by the living embodiments of capitalism.

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