Whatever “politics” wants to tell you, we’ve been in a theological discussion here for a while now. Any cladistic “nuns” feel glad they understand this stratosphere? They should. Do they understand, that’s another story.

We’re living in a mind-game that most of us didn’t create. At this time in my studies at least, I see the word “Jew” similar to the way I see the word “Mormon”. That is to say, I don’t see it as having cultural baggage, I see it as a religion on its own terms. Can you do that? What is that word for you? There is a dense layer to work through before seeing the word “Jew” without any of the psychical-manipulation they try to attach to it. Who is that, could you even know? They hate white christians, I know that. They believe in slavery and immorality toward non-jews, I know that. Are you aware? Anyone who questions whether this is good or bad is made into a scapegoat that those very slaves of theirs joyously join in the spirit of the Talmud to demonize. Did you know that? Or are you one of those Talmud-goyim? One bit of “trivia” you probably won’t find interesting is that totalitarians don’t understand the word “totalitarianism”. If they knew the meaning of it they’d stop being who they are, and they are who they are. I was wondering- my post from earlier, what was it exactly that you thought about in regard to yourself when I was talking about “self-deception”?

Only the happiest thoughts I’m sure. Want to tell me about them?

“YES” and “No I don’t” I detect. Do you really want to be a pouter? Just tell me. The kagal will never know. “Yes it will.” Why aren’t you the kagal yourself?

You can’t even answer that honestly. You’re totally controlled by them. “I happen to find reason to believe that…” Nope, they don’t care.

So how are you so different from me?

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