Trying to learn today about something that pisses people off- aristocracy. Every lefty would stab all their friends and allies in the back to be an aristocrat, that’s the funny part.

This is what I’m starting to read now, and I sense that seeing it would make many people angry

And I have to admit, I do like to taunt them with this kind of thing.

Jealousy seems to be one of the dominant moods of modern people. It’s just so non-stop it might as well be their entire personality in lots of cases.

One might extrapolate from jealousy of humanity and speculate whether it’s a jealousy of God itself, jealousy of the laws of the universe. How far does it go? It might in fact go that far.

It’s a growling frustration about their “ignoble birth”.

This wouldn’t piss anyone off, right?

“Who are YOU?” I’m just a detached observer. One who admires aristocrats when they’re not decadent. Do you? “No, there’s no such thing as an aristocrat!” The blindly bitter pleb has spoken. What a valuable opinion you have, can I invite you to determine politics?

It would have been better for these types to never have been born. They detest beauty, and being ugly ugly ugly inside and out, they seek to tear down any beauty they see. Just like circus freak levels of ugliness going on in their soul, and they’re able to bathe and wear nice clothes to distract from that. Nasty! Some kind of slimy creature you’d find in a sewer. Please just stay down there so we don’t have to see you. That’s why the internet is so cursed, it’s given these desecrations a voice. They used to just flap their gums from within the privacy of their own homes, thus no one ever had to endure the affliction of being acquainted with their lowborn temperament and undisguised, even flaunted, spite for anyone whose existence shines a light on the tepid sewer of their spiritual life.

This is the kind of creature that speaks

Please go back to the mines. That way I can pretend something like you doesn’t exist at all. Nothing’s ever going to fix that, it was a mistake that it was born. The only reason it exists is because a couple beings as vile as it is procreated like hogs grunting in mud. How horrid that these creatures walk the earth among us. Can’t even pity them, they’re just too stomach-turning. All one wants to do is “escape” and vomit.

Jealousy is all their life is. The mainstreaming of the scowling peasant, what a sight it is. Every culture has its god, often symbolized anthropomorphically- ours is a peasant scowling at us from the clouds. You need soap! Probably a backhand too, if not time on the rack.

Ha ha ha how this makes them stew


It’s possible to look at chapters like this and not be a bitter peasant

Possible, impossible, what’s the difference.

This is what I mean when I talk about survivors of the second french revolution. Are they anywhere? They’re good at hiding, I’ll give them that.

Our culture is the product of a series of slave-revolts. White niggers as far as the eye can see.

As much as I knock it, there HAS been some remnant of survival in the academy. The problem there is that the aristocracy is beholden to the plutocracy. Still, the spirit of refinement lives on there. And it can give one hope if one is able to look past their mental imprisonment.

All the vulgarians can feel is rage at the sight of sentiments like this. I don’t think it’s possible for them to have noble emotions whatsoever- it’s akin to trying to play a blu-ray disk on one of these

They’re too pigheaded for emulation. Seriously, all they can do is stew in jealousy – that explains the life of the bioleninist, nothing more needs to be said.

I’m reading this book on the old aristocracy expecting to learn something from them.

They’d rather read this kind of slant

Many people today are so absolutely, irredeemably pathetic that their crude temperaments only allow them to emulate the poors and the chandalas. How convenient, how lazy, to be as simplistic as the wretched dirt of the earth. That’s the unstoppable telos of America too- descent. A country of jealous bastards and animalistic bitches, excuse my french monsieur. Go back to trying to mimic the French, please. Can my kindred spirits who are similarly repelled cut ties with this place and these doomed creatures and start our own “Israel”? I’m not trying to be overbearing, this is simply how I perceive the world on a daily basis and it’s a torture. The wailing souls of Hades that have found their way to the surface of the earth.

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