You ever hear of this?

He’s my favorite Christian writer and I hadn’t. Probably some real eloquence in that weekly, whatever it is. So many they’ve “polished”. Squeaky clean.

I pull this from the Shamir-type that Relivo suggested, Samuel Roth.

I might have to re-read Chesterton after learning about this weekly

Who else in history wrote with ketman? He wrote his book on Aquinas during that time too, “coincidentally”.

This Roth apparently got fed up with his coethnics

You’re probably used to this by now. If I were gone for a few weeks you’d probably realize that the powers that be weren’t being criticized. Something wrong with that? People who live in their world of anything-goes probably would find it to be a relief.

I see them as a “jewel” at the top

Some of them probably are real jewels, the kind that work in the natural sciences where the Talmud can have zero say by nature of the discipline. “You mean that scientist who voted democrat?” Lots of rubies out there. Hodos is a diamond.

This Roth book was published in 1934. I wonder if he had a “rotten” feeling after 1945 rofl. His last book, from 1961, is about Jesus, so…

no one is surprised noises

It’s rare to find one like him from this time-period. And, for Revilo at least, he’s the best traitor. Wut the, it’s this guy?

This is a unique case-study, I’m sure there are none like him out there living today

“I may not have been the first Jew wronged by Jews,” I vowed to myself. “But I will be the first Jew to arise and tell the truth about them.” From that point on I slept peacefully.

What kind of scandal if someone posted this on social media. REEEE

What’s casual for me to post would cause hysterical meltdowns if most other people posted it.

“Make sure to never question the ones who determine the dimensions of the lifeworld that you love SO much!”

“I only want to be even more of a shameless dirtclod than I am now, so why would I question the ones who are gradually making that a reality?”

If only you knew how much the kagal truly hates me for all of this. Some people do know.

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