This is how Roth characterizes anti-semitism

That “jiddiness” article I linked to before is enlightening

Judaism manifests itself in communities in the same way and is disgusting – as an attempt to RISE oneself above the community, to ACCEPT for oneself a little more than is required

The greedy goyim throughout history have probably married into Judaism. It’s a spirit that anyone can partake in, and it just so happens to have coalesced most densely in a certain people. “Just so happens” – no. Take Roth’s example- the Talmud instructs them to deliberately throw things into people’s eyes. If you’re not going to blink so they don’t hit them and don’t take a swat at the Talmudist who threw it at you then you’re eventually going to be blind, and here we are, because in tolerant America we charitably anticipate them to behave like white people and they do not. “Let them throw stuff into our eyes!” That’s how absurd most people sound. The Talmud is a more important document in today’s America than the Bible and Constitution put together and not a soul talks about it, truly amazing. They’re never going to change, you better learn to remove them with force.

I wish reality had a vacation option where I could choose to spend time in a world that didn’t consist almost exclusively of subhumans. Nope, you don’t get that, only never-ending subhumans for you. Eh there are some good ones in this world, the sneaky ones. I see why people don’t tend to study evil. It’s better to just live like people are good.

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