The psychologies of the different types are fascinating, and it’s too bad that it’s the people with the very mental illnesses that are being diagnosed that are there to study the psychologies.

Burn the social contract and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in hell. People see it as setting themselves on fire. It kind of is like that. It’s an illusion to not be on fire. So people naturally develop ways of telling themselves that the social contract is not a pile of ash. This direction of thought is almost like the opposite of therapy in a way. Only at first glance. People have an inflated idea of themselves typically and that prevents them from following higher ideals, thus being truly human, because that inflated self that they have is granted to them by a society that itself is inflated. I think it was Ernest Becker when I was younger who talked about existentialist concepts in an elementary way that helped me understand certain of these ideas- people are naturally in the context of “going to die someday” and they tend to forget it, and what matters most to them in that context is self-esteem. I’m going to die someday, I could never be happy with myself if I followed what society told me I had to do when I knew it was a bad thing. People tend to be content with that inflated ego that following society’s orders provides them. Seems not real to me. And then when people like me talk to the ones with the inflated egos they have to develop all sorts of excuses to continue to be inflated. Once again, I sense I’m mostly talking to mental patients here so I don’t expect you to understand without making an excuse. Moloch, Mammon, Set, whatever you want to call it, that’s what lots of people are happy subscribing to, and they feel good about themselves for doing that. Should these people have high self-esteem? Would their dying words be “No”? Just think of that picture of that “creature” I posted a couple times earlier- this is the kind of being that dies content, knowing it was a Setian throughout its life. For us post-/Christians that isn’t something that we like to admit. Some people are truly damned and there’s no hope for them. We don’t want these people who use their immoral methods to control politics, because they make everyone like them. They gather all their fellow damned ones on their side to form a majority. They exploit the lowest instincts of potential good people who don’t want to die with a fabricated inflation of self-esteem. They’re all so happy with themselves and it’s a pure illusion. They deviate from the demiurgic zeitgeist not one iota, not in a single word they say throughout their entire lives. They are very happy with themselves to be such crude people who follow orders whether they’re good or bad. And the mental patients reading this will only find excuses for why they should be happy with themselves.

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