Want to hear something “beyond the bounds of civilized society”?

I was going to tell you then I realized there’s something like a 95% that can’t deal with that at all.

What’s the point of even talking to them? An undetectable exit should be cultivated.

“Yeah, I as a corporocrat, who has never truly reflected on what I am, aren’t happy with that goal.” Anyone who thinks against them expect to be scapegoated, while they never acknowledge their own inconsistencies.

“We do that!” No you don’t, not at all. You believe everything the mainstream believes. What gives? Why should I care about anything if people like you make sure the ones who disagree with you are never in public? You are a type of hidden ape that works behind the scenes. If you ever were forced to have a direct conversation you would be destroyed. So do you get it yet? Or are the apes going to continue making excuses for themselves? The answer is, yes, they are going to keep justifying being less than human in every way possible. They only ever have negative things to say about white people, and never say anything against kikes or niggers, makes you think, I wonder if they are in fact an explicit “cult of the subhuman” – that is what it seems to be.

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