HAHA you’re going to have dirt genetics in the future because you’re such a nigger now that you can’t even accept that fact, you total nigger.

“I am monkey I do what monkey do, I nigger with no consciousness at all” Okay you’re a nigger, have a good time being less than human. Stupid brainless nigger. This is America. “I’m not that!” Yeah you are. Look at chimp screech. There’s no point in talking to subhumans. What is your response, nigger? “Ooo oo oo ahh ah” you absolute nigger with no dignity. We are living in contemporary America.

Stupid nigger with white skin, how are you doing? Do you feel like a human being? You aren’t one of those you imbecile nigger.

“I AM NOT THAT!” Yes you are. You are a total nigger.

Go play among the apes you stupid nigger, you’re worthless.

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