Whether it was conditioned or natural it seems like we’re most racist toward Muslims. We’re not “judgey” about the latinos, blacks, aboriginals, because we implicitly don’t expect anything from them. Then with East Asians they’re so similar to us that we’re not really racist about them. Arabs, that’s a different story. Let me know if I’m wrong, just playing mind-reader. It’s because they’re so similar to us and yet not that we judge them the most. I say this to instill the sense that because of this, understanding them is more difficult than understanding others. There are definitely allergies in the western mind in regard to arabs/muslims. And Persians don’t like to be called Arabs- and we might be more racist toward Persians than anyone. “We” = collective intuition. I’ll give you an idea about one of these allergies-

I started the morning reading the Quran.

Am I wrong to anticipate a feeling from you that’s generally like “You shouldn’t read that”? What is that about? “You might read it and convert!” One is seen as a traitor for not being racist against Muslims. “It’s not racism… it’s… uh …. “

Why don’t we see them as civilized? One reason- “they’re too religious”. That’s really funny to hear from a people that is so non-religious they border on Satanism. The way they treat women too, I think that’s the one that really gets people. I bet any sympathy for them that you might gathered while reading this post instantly dissolved when remembered the burka, the illiteracy. It’s not something we can forgive them for, is it. Honestly, the thought of putting a white woman in a burka makes me feel “hungry” – I’ll leave that to your imagination. Only as a role-play though, not all the time. Then again, now that I think about it… No no no no.

This is a hermeneutical preamble. One cannot expect to even understand the Quran without being self-aware of our racism against Muslims. “It’s good to be racist!” Whoa, I didn’t expect that from someone so sweet and innocent like you? What bile did you just utter? “Savages! Savages!” What an ugly thing to say. What a racist individual.

About 25% of the world is Muslim. And I bet most people in the west are too racist to even understand their book. “I don’t even want to try, I dismiss it without needing to read it.”

Isn’t there a side of you that sees me as a “corrupter” for talking like this? Ba-aa-aa-aad.

I can see a white woman in a burka “grrrring” like she’s humiliated, and at the same time I think there’s something she secretly likes about it. “You’re gaslighting me!” Am I? Only one way to find out. “Fuck YOU!” She would like it 0%, okay, you convinced me.

I’m not trying to hit on anyone here, this is just philosophy of religion. “That’s not a religion, that’s godless!” I think so too- that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be less racist than most westerners when reading the Quran.

A white woman or a jewess, fuming with rage, glaring at me through the burka’s mailbox slot. That’s amusing to me, I hope you enjoyed this moment we had. There’s a sense in which women are perceived as too beautiful to be seen. What do we have here? There’s something pig-like about too much cleavage in my opinion. Okay, everyone sees that, thus it’s not really special anymore. Imagine how “special” it is after being “seen” by 100, I think you know what I mean by seen. Women just don’t want to be special I guess.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to wear a burka, it’s just a thought-experiment. Many people have an unreflective racism against Muslims, that’s all I’m saying.

Scripture itself is something that the general census believes we’ve matured beyond.

Have we left scripture behind? If we think of the academy as the high church that has the most articulate account of the belief-system in place (as opposed to a less abstract prog magazine article, say) and that there’s a sainted canon – Marcuse, Rawls, Popper, Marx, Beauvoir, some might say Alinsky, Einstein in an important sense, etc. – no one has to directly read these people to believe their ideas, and thus we have a similar dynamic to the old days when only the priests were literate and the people were simply told what to believe without understanding it rationally. Have we left scripture behind? “No, we’re at the height of history, the height of progress.” Personally, I like most of those saints mentioned, because of the fact alone that they’re intellectuals. I prefer other saints though. Not the kind that are going to be as popular. Think of only Marx and Beauvoir, how much of the population they appeal to- workers and women, that’s MOST people. It’s the material that tends not to appeal to most people that’s arguably the true height of progress. “You’re a class-traitor and a misogynist, that’s why you’d say that.” What gave it away? I’m just remarking on where people tend to be in their level of development – most people never even read the saints mentioned, and they believe their ideas nevertheless. You think that’s not a form of dehumanization? See, there are two levels to this- 1. they don’t read the saints, and 2. they don’t read the heretics. That’s the level of blindness they’re on.

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