Doing that thing where I look for a universal, only find particulars, and get irritated. In the case at the moment it’s the academy in itself. Out of all the studies they do it seems like they’d have some on… the very place that they’re doing the studies from?

I’m never not thinking about Hölderlin and what he says of Father Aether (one of his words for “God”) that, to paraphrase, we our kept ignorant because he cares. Always thinking about it and always challenging it.

So, I finally see something that I was looking for – this frames it densely and you won’t be surprised by the medium it is found on

That’s a stark way to state it isn’t it? What are you trying to imply there, that the university is some kind of illusion factory?

You know I love this kind of thinking

Universities, he said, are like other institutions in that they must place one value above all others if they are to function properly.

Wait a second, how’d that picture get there?

We’re talking about the aristocracy of our country and the restrictions that are put on it. I think this is something that desperately needs to be talked about.

Speaking of aether, we’re really ascending to a height with this subject in particular, presuming that the rangordnung is academy > media, which it does seem to be. Who teaches these people to be who they are? “It’s all random!” No it’s not. They are the brain of the egregore. Are they subservient to any other human beings? Of course, how do you think they’re funded? Nonetheless, they are the brain in the equation. “What about the bankers’ brain?” That’s an equivocation on “brain”. They are the most hifalutin formulators of the state-religion. What you see in the media is only simulacra of them.

What is the being of the academy, i.e. what is the being of the egregore’s brain? Not many questions that can be asked that are in such a stratosphere as this.

The ones in the best place to answer it–will not answer it. Because answering it means they jeopardize being the brain, and they quite like being the brain.

This is fun, they should try it

What are these, could anyone make a list of ten

they would have to be suppressed through one form or another, lest the heretic imperil the institution’s foundational dogmas.

I don’t think they differ very much from the beliefs of the demos that I endlessly describe. The main difference is that the academy is more intricate, more ornate. They both begin from the same foundation, presuppose the same foundation.

Isn’t there something humorous about the fact that one can expect to not find a dissertation on what dissertations can’t be written on?

The following here is supposed to be the “Form-in-itself” and can we find something like that from it?

These are the same at the end of the day

Calling things by their right name. Who does that? Not even many people on the internet, let alone these places, that are supposed to do just that. False advertisement, in the grand sense. Never will go to this stratosphere in either of these places. Reminder to inhale cope for at least one hour before you dive from the plane or you will suffocate.

We immediately run into a problem, however, because universities cannot be completely agnostic about moral and political values.

They only pretend to be agnostic. The reality is that their presuppositions are so zealously opinionated that they’re untouchable. It seems agnostic to the amateur. That is to say, to even many 70 year old professors who claim to teach all about “presuppositions”.

Sorry, I still love this image.

So nice to see someone articulate this

There is a further reason why universities cannot be agnostic seekers of truth, and it has to do with the massive influence they exert over the culture.

Not something important at all, no one needs to talk about this

Those “tramps and fraudsters”, those carnies I mentioned the other day… I’m starting to wonder if they’re not only on the internet. Looking at the “absolute state” of the demos that is what I have to conclude. Counterfeit jewels at the very top?

I wonder how many people reading this right now were themselves shaped by the academy and thus disagree with the questioning of its presuppositions. “I sprang from Zeus’s head like Athena.” No you didn’t. “The illusion factory” ahahaha and guess what the product is, or rather whom.

Still haven’t found an article or book on this. And how many articles and books do they write every year? Maybe I’ll find one. Or maybe they’re intrinsically blind? Who knows?

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