Speaking of “always-already”- boom

Freemasons, other societies like that, with “reading rooms” that don’t let you check out books. Bound to be lots and lots and lots of those. Even if someone took a picture of a shelf with their phone that would be valuable to find. “Heh you think we allow phones in there?”

Why is this one of the google results

Just admit there was something about him that you liked. Biden doesn’t even exist, everyone can sense it. Now it’s just the shadow people there, happy now? Trust the plan of the same people who were behind Bush, dipshit. “We do trust it, we have down syndrome.” You were played by the JEWS, good job.

Today in “nice to see someone articulate it”

Some planets have evil overlords without a special book. We’re lucky ours have one. Because it confirms what we already sense to be the truth. Beings on other planets are probably going Jeez they seem really evil to me. On ours we can go right to their book and say Yeah it’s written right here that they are! Glazed-eyed dopes don’t care.

The above screenshot is from one of those what they call conspiracy sites. Pretty simplistic. If you read a few books I’ve linked to on the ‘mud then you probably have a rather advanced understanding of these matters. Only the best for my mental patients. Why are you still wearing that burka by the way? I didn’t say you had to. The pandemic must have gotten you all messed up.

Some more about their trickery

begins with the Mishna. Vague meanderings to throw off a possible Christian reader appear in the footnotes with the mere hint that the “uncanonical books” may mean this or that but: “There are indications, however, that something more is meant.” But the footnote to “uncanonical books” [is] still being hashed 68 pages later

Never ceases to amaze me how prominent a theme bank-robbery is in film, and how non-existent these supercriminals are in that medium. It could be such a great movie, it would literally change the world. Maybe a genius will rise from those Tiktok kids. “Yeah and we’re going to make it about how you’re a retard.” Oh, really? Wouldn’t be surprised, people have already made movies like that. Bitter bitter kikes. A movie about that itself- how they don’t name the scapegoat, only scapegoat. Some real dignity with these ones. This is how they operate, and if you did what I do they’d do the same to you too, and no you won’t find any of this in a political science textbook.


Milk the Gentile, is the Talmudic rule, but don’t get caught in such a way as to jeopardize all Jewish interest.

Perceptive encapsulation of their “being” in general, not only their relation to me.

Seeing here that the great historian Edward Gibbon had some things to say that could be of interest to “us” that might or might not have been edited many years ago.

Looks like a Straussian has a chapter on it

“Straussian exo/eso” means something entirely different when it’s thought of in the context of the ‘mud, i.e. I’m going to be reading this with a quizzical look on my face.

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