Have to hand it to the Straussians, they’re often some of the best hermeneuticists out there

Talmudists have their merits. “Maybe you haven’t detected the figure in the Talmud itself.” That’s what Laitman might say. The above is what I’ve been trying to help people with, mainly regarding Plato and neechski. This site is for masons, not bonobos, is my conclusion. After the social contract is lit on fire one has a rorschach test one can read in the ashes, and it says everything about you what you see. That’s the nature of the interpretation of the non-terrestrial circuits, and why esoteric societies often have a vetting process.

This Ralph Lerner begins this study with chapters on America’s founding statesmen. A naive reader will see this as innocent. All I see it as is “You can trust me!” “Fellow American!” Nothing wrong with that, there are lots of vulgar patriots out there and you have to put the schmoozes to them. Do you yourself sense me as a “corrupter” when I say that it would probably be for the best to scrap the Constitution altogether? Not many are receptive to that idea. Straussians are often typical Jews in this way, in that they work within the nation’s laws only as a disguise so as to subvert them ultimately. Strauss might even be more valuable than Hodos because of his formalization of the exo/eso. Of course not many people apply that in the ways that I do. One might wonder if the JQ was on Strauss’s mind when he formulated it. There are two basic levels of secrecy with traditional Judaism- what they keep from the goyim, and what they keep from their humbler coethnics- this latter is clearly demonstrated in the prohibition against people under 40 studying the Kabbalah. Were women ever allowed to? Are they even today? I don’t know, they burned that Shahak book and killed the one who was overseeing its publication. Another question is- were the rabbis right? Many signs point to yes, that is the domain of the “masons” only. “Look at this dumb goy, he thinks he knows what’s goin on.” I think I do actually.

Look how Lerner begins the Gibbon chapter – you can interpret this however you want

A few pages later it is clearly a chapter that might as well have been written by the so-called Israel Lobby. I don’t expect anything of Gibbon to make it out of this alive. How do you like that for exo/eso, Straussians?

“Show me an example.” Want the whole page I’m on? You can read it for yourself. I love his translation of Averroes, don’t get me wrong, though now I’m wondering if there’s anything suspect about that too. Now apply this kind of thinking to the MSM in general. “They’re not throwing stuff into my eyes and telling me they’re not doing that.” Sigh!

This is some of the more subtler Zionist propaganda I’ve seen, I’ll give him that. If you read that you’ll see ways they trick the goyim into ZOG and Israel First. Remember this book begins talking about Ben [sic] Franklin, Lincoln- the latter being the PERFECT example to use side by side with the old eGYPtian Exodus manipulation technique.

Look how insidious this is to the Talmud-aware

Look at the name of the first few chapters

Looking for the Figure in the Carpet
The World through Ben’s Bifocals
The Gospel according to the Apostle Ben

I think I found the figure there, bud!

That’s the bane of the Talmudist- as careful readers as they are, the question of “What’s good for Jews?” is inseparable from their “objectivity”.

The last few months, virtually everything they say is like this to me

I strongly urge you to read some of those books, I thought I had it figured out until I read those. Think about it in light of the first quote on this post- it’s dialectical, it takes time for the figure to be detected.

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