We all have our saints that we need to acquire self-awareness about

They had their saints too. Heidegger is clearly a Cartesian. Who were a couple of his main influences, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard? That’s just pure Descartes with them. We’re entangled ourselves in all this. What is hermeneutics if the subject is not even aware of the ways in which it is entangled?

It reminds me of the way that Dugin sometimes “defines” westerners. This is accurate and I am an object in certain ways, such as via my belief in the good of technological progress. That derives from Francis Bacon by the way, who lived around the same time as Descartes. The “postmodern age” never truly started because these moderns are still very much with us. Aren’t you an individualist who likes to hear of new technology? Even the communists are individualists- it’s a collective of individualists.

I honestly feel like the only society I’m part of is with these kinds of people and it’s a curse. What was it about the Christian medieval era that led to Descartes? “We don’t need to think about them, we need to think about the present.” They are in the present. They fundamentally shaped society, and I doubt the kagal is aware of it at all. Why do I bring them up? Because I’m an individualist who believes in technological progress and I’ve concluded that they get in the way of both those things. For Marxists reading this, think automation of labor. Their central concern now is boosting the human robots and eliminating the humans. Is that “orthodox marxism”? No? So why don’t you ever say anything about it. It’s not Marxism you believe in, you’re a Kagalist. “At least they’re more similar to Marx than you!” That’s correct. So why don’t you just admit it? We know why you won’t. That would be an interesting apologetic take to read though- “Why the ultra-capitalists should rule a quasi-marxist country”. Personally? I think you’ve just been deceived by those very ultra-capitalists to be fine with that. Speaking of “saints that we all believe in”, both Marx and Nietzsche were Platonists and I wonder if there’s a Good that’s above both of them. “Marx was not a Platonist” – yes, the anointed one, who lives in an orb of light outside of time, please just give it a rest. The ultra-capitalists want you to believe in him, doesn’t that set off any alarms? Reading history through the Talmud is a terrible thing. Anyway, back to this interesting book on hermeneutics that this site distracted me from.

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