A couple girls at the store today were in line in front of me that I “was lookin at” and I just think “why bother”. None of them even understand me on the internet and we all know that they’re even at a lower level of awareness in real life. Lots to look forward to in life. “Can you just not say that?” It’s true. Spending too much time on the internet puts you in the future in a certain way. It’s like how aging is different if you’re traveling through space at the speed of light. While none of us mortals are doing that, there’s something like that going on with this new technology. I won’t even tell you what “joke” I was thinking about with these ones- something about the burka. I don’t even bother, they won’t get it, even the ones of the internet don’t get it. Something women aren’t able to accept though it’s an obvious reality. Yeah I’ll be a PC person with you, I’ll feel like my life is really great with a person like you. Women tend to never develop consciousness beyond that of a child or teenager and need to be taken care of like one and you should just accept it. No, the 14 year olds will continue being rebellious now that they have equal rights. “Toddlers should be able to vote” – same mindset. Nothing they can accept whatsoever. Proles, women, jews, browns, they’re all the same, they can’t acknowledge that there’s something primitive about them, and instead have to retaliate in revenge. Thus is a science. They are capable of nothing else, they are like teens who need to be supervised. “I’m brainless, being a catlady is the LIFE!” Get back to me in a few years, or now. Do you like that xanax? Or whatever mystery chemical given to you by the corporacracy you quaff on a daily basis every morning. Just so happy with all these people in the world. The internet gave us an illusion that people would be different than the real-life vulgarians and it’s not there. Reasons to be happy, there are lots of them.

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