It’s not letting me paint on my canvas of hate using my laptop, maybe something to do with my last post (which was verbally mocking the “NSA” for a half hour last night). Nah couldn’t be. People like their amnesia anyway, why do they want me around. Reminds me of Maimonides saying that one is exempt from punishment if one pretends to convert to a given country’s religion in order to avoid persecution. Say you’re living in Islamic Spain. That is to say, most really don’t mind just converting to Islam (cathedralism), they don’t have to pretend. They can never admit to themselves that they’re garden-variety liberals merely with some bells and whistles to seem like they aren’t that, that they aren’t people who genuinely enjoy the suet they show on the TVs. For many, being one with the hive involves denial that they are distinguishable at all from the hive. They are products of the plutocracy and nothing more- even any self-awareness that they have of themselves as that is itself that externally-imposed liberalism. Having to type on my phone I suddenly realize that I like to paint on my hate canvas.

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