Sweet, this one’s faster. I wonder if they’re already watching what I google. People have a lot to do. I’ve had no privacy for months, years…

“He’s telling people about the genies, sir.”

This is from the beginning of the first Dobroslav book on that banned list. (I can only find the first couple pages). No I’m not kidding, this is what they decided was extremist.

Another book, even higher up on that list, the foundational text of Wahhabism, specifically orders the punishment of death for anyone who meddles with genies. So, the list is a mixed bag. If we remember the old Index the Catholics had of prohibited books, we might think of these ones of today as having been written by some kind of demonic force, some “genie”.

They’re more serious about there than in Russia

Decapitated for “summoning genies”.

Still, the fact that a “fellow white” country has a similar policy? Dobroslav is numbers 6-10 on that list. I’m half-agnostic about this stuff, it’s just really weird that his books on it are next to impossible to find.

It seems to be revelations that are capable of being attained through a pagan worldview that they don’t like.

I think it’s about being jarred from the Judeo-Christian worldvi–oh, that’s right, that’s why I’m being watched, it’s not about the genies. I’m an absolute atheist about the enforced beliefs, they don’t like atheists. Anything that’s not them is seen as atheism. This is why, as sneaky as Dugin is, they’re still not going to tolerate him – it doesn’t matter if you’re not a fascist. What they don’t like is that you’re not them.

As I showed you Dobroslav said, it’s not necessarily anthropomorphized like a genie, it’s elemental forces. Natural currents. Or waves that one’s cognition can align with. They don’t like these.

And you know one of my favorite things to do is say there are gradations to these currents. It’s being attuned to invisible signals. And there’s a “pyramid” of them. You can figuratively say that they’re like different types of electricity. They want to keep people on a dull current. Then if you go too far you’ll fry.

Dobroslav reminds of like a hippie Heidegger or something. He’s talking about Being in his own way. When you go to the source of things you leave behind all the artifice that they want to make you believe. This CAN be dangerous – “society” has its good side. I’d make the controversial claim that postwar Heideggerians rarely ever studied Being at its core. They always brought the artifice with them. Or they knew to be quiet about what they found there. Evil is real, and society puts filters over certain types of people so they aren’t seen that way. Often when you have a mystical experience society and its filters seem like nothing to you. It’s funny though, this hippie dude in a headband is so dangerous for talking about “genies”. A related word- the “genetics filter” falls away, and that’s what they can’t forgive, people who lost that artifice that was distorting reality and keeping them on the dull thought-wave near the pyramidal base.

Given my extremism I bet many of my readers can personally understand why the “cathedral” thinks the way it does. People like having that filter there, even some of the best specimens of genetics. “You’re a demon!” Okay, so you ARE the cathedral then, I’m glad we cleared that up.

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