Dobroslav might be on a similar controversial current with Joseph Farrell

That’s impossible for us to think about. “That couldn’t be.” This is one of Farrell’s claims anyway, that “alternate science” is systematically suppressed. I’m willing to listen. Looking at “alternate humanities” that are suppressed I wouldn’t put it past them.

Remember this from Farrell – “You want to tell me more about that?”

All I know is that I’ve had occult experiences that can only be “justified” with phenomenology, and I’d like to be able to “prove” them using science that is not only “science of experience”.

“They’re not outside your mind, that’s YOU experiencing them.” Well that’s the debate. That people have been having for centuries. And you’re on one side of it.

You get my general mindset at this point? Jews are the most advanced species perhaps, then we can talk about more speculative “species” to study. Which is more worthy of our time? “Neither of them exist.” So you haven’t talked to a genie then. Cham pleb insult you must be.

Farrell is probably too “out there”, not to mention safe via the possible practice of ketman, to be banned here. We have Dobroslav speculating on similar concepts, except more explicitly (yes, I finally found a bunch of his writings here). “There’s no genie conspiracy, shut up.” You’re the one here reading this, are you insane yourself or something?

We’re talking about a higher authority than any human being. A higher authority than all of humanity taken together. That’s what they don’t like.

See this post if you want a refresher. I don’t expect to “mess with Einstein” I just think it’s kind of fun to try. Lovecraft said that his dreams refute Einstein. Our moral-system of today is based on his theories in an indirect way. I’ve made a few posts before about how progs implicitly believe in SCIENCE! They’re only dimly aware of that, and it is the truth. They must have put Dobroslav so high on the ban list for some reason.

The way he puts this here, I realize that this is an agon with Aristotle

Oh no, it looks like Dobroslav is one of those “Aether-truthers”. Totally harmless to the establishment, right?

You know that if the Germans had won the war, Heidegger would probably be the “Einstein” of our time. “No, I don’t know that.” Which one is more right at the end of the day, when you stop believing “might makes right”? “I wouldn’t know, I do what I’m told, I understand neither of them and I simply believe in moral relativism.”

“Don’t mess with Einstein, you aren’t allowed to and you aren’t able to anyway, so don’t bother.” I’m only noting that there is something about him that is one with the current order.

Einstein, talk about a sacred cow. Next to no one even knows what’s going on there either, it’s like the ultimate example of “trust the experts”. They believe in the man himself moreso than his theories. He proved relativism using math, that’s how they see it.

If you’ve witnessed how gung-ho they are about silencing anti-relativists from the humanities side of things, then why wouldn’t you expect them to do the same from the sciences side? Just saying, I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s next to zero secondary scholarship on that Farrell, and I for one find him too dense and specialized to even understand in many places. They just pretend people like him don’t exist. And in Russia they ban someone similar to him. The philosophy of science is illegal, and if you’re not new here then this is not something that fazes you.

Cathedralism in general is a type of “science” in the true sense of the word- at least that’s what it purports to be. You cannot question it, they think they have it down pat. Do they? I’m not quite so sure they do. If you want to base your life on pseudoscience you do you.

Isn’t this a strange thing to hear someone say?

Not all of the “damned” questions of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geomorphology, geothermics have been named …

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