If you make mention of the concept of “beyond the bounds of civilized society” then you will invite suspicion and thus you can’t say that. You can’t say the previous sentence. And despite that, wouldn’t you that what counts as “civilized society” is a highly subjective matter? So it seems like there is an irrational acceptance that is accepted. Do you accept it? You can’t say if you don’t. You accept that you don’t accept it and that it’s unacceptable for you to say that you don’t accept it. You sound like you’re all tied up.

Much to my dismay I’ve discovered that a lot more people truly with all of their person do genuinely subscribe to what is regarded as a “civilized society”. Which is to say that this “irrational acceptance” is something that they themselves are irrational about. Very few exceptions to this rule.

If you stay with just the surface of what doesn’t count as “civilized society” then you will find that there are many who are secretly rational and do not accept it at face value. Then there are levels you get to that bring out the civilized society in them. I’m not irrational about it and I don’t think anyone else has to be. Ask yourself right now if you are a civilized person and whether that is the reason you disagree with me in general. Are you thinking about that without emotion? We direly need a new conception of civilized society and we can’t create that if people are irrationally aligned with the civilized society that needs to go. “It doesn’t need to go, we’re civilized.” Really, because it seems like our level of culture is in the toilet and it only looks like it’s going to keep moving in a worse direction. How is that civilized, are you sure you’re not being emotional when you tell yourself that you are the civilized one?

Even if you ultimately disagree, don’t you think it’s a mark of a civilized society to bring these subjects up without being seen as “suspect”? We’re talking about the morality that guides everyone’s lives here.

And like I said, most are too irrational to even care. They will not deviate from the standard idea of “civilized society” because they actually do agree with it on an emotional level. The culture is clearly in the toilet – they don’t care.

“You’re not going to beat the Jews so you might as well just accept the idea of civilized society and the culture it leads to.” – Aren’t you glad you have me here to use you as a puppet to say what you can’t? I think that’s where the irrational emotion attached to this concept derives from- defeatism. There’s no hope, thus the uncivilized society must be defended. There would be hope if you didn’t defend it. “What are you even talking about?” I’m talking about people talking like they’re apes. Do you think that’s not a problem? It’s abundantly obvious that over the last decade or so people have been gradually sounding closer and closer to third-worlders in the plane of consciousness that they betray with their words. Is that okay with you? That’s your “civilized society”. “Part of being a good person in this civilized society is denying that people talk like third-world poors without any class or taste.” Just saying, that’s what you’re irrational about defending. And don’t even try to kid me that you’re not being over-emotional about it. The chances are high that you are part of the cathedral yourself. Don’t you think self-awareness is a good in itself? That’s what this kind of talk is. “A civilized society doesn’t have that!” Okay so you are demonstrating that your idea of a civilized society is a sham, and thus that anyone who defends it is one too. Couldn’t be you.

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