I wouldn’t wish my perception of humanity on anyone. Thankfully for them they’re mostly not able to understand the things that I do. There’s no point in talking to them, there’s not much difference between proles and black niggers. All hopeless. They believe precisely what the corporations believe. The ones who are “different” are only slightly different, and they’re really just a kind of nigger at the end of the day too. I don’t really care to talk to them, I haven’t seen a “shining light of humanity” in years. All a bunch of niggers who don’t like when anyone tries to improve them. You’ll be left to your own ape devices, won’t you like that? “It’s a coincidence that I mostly agree with the corporate-media monopoly, pure coincidence. I just so happen to act like an ape and hate anyone who questions me.” That’s the behavior of a nigger, and did your white skin fool you? Consciousness is a relatively new thing historically speaking so I shouldn’t expect anything else. Mindless objects who will never improve. “Thankfully we’re so mindless we won’t even understand what is being said here.” And you think that’s a good thing? That when someone calls you a nigger you identify with the label? It means subhuman. Are you happy about that? “I’m an object, I don’t care.” Seems to be the case. Throw an ape-parade, I don’t care anymore either. “We will! Objects celebrate the fact that they are that.” Just be glad you don’t see “people” the way I do.

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