Someone has to finally say it

Can’t be saved, and are destined to reincarnate as a lesser form.

“What about this, have you ever considered this, that those of us who are identical to the corporacratically imposed beliefs are only looking for similar ones like us?”

I don’t trust you. You’d have to prove you aren’t a subhuman. “Thankfully I don’t have to prove that to you, I only have to prove that to the Jews.” You really said that? Wow.

The thought of children growing up with third-worldism being normal because of pity seems like a travesty. We want kids speaking ebonics. Are you evil? The kikes of today are, given that they impose that on their host population. “Talk in ebonics, adults.” You’re all just too hopeless at this point, I always feel like I’m talking to a niggerjew with white skin. Hello, they’d be living in huts without us, did you forget that or…? “Yes I did, because I’m more of a niggerjew than a white, and that’s the end of the story.” I guess you are if that’s what you decide to be.

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