How inspired I’d be if I saw someone saying what they actually thought. Can’t expect that these days. It’s always through the capital-prism of social justice. “We need to boost up these negros” – and who is engineering this? Jews who themselves need to be boosted up to the level of humanity. “I thought we explained to you that we’re not going to deal with your questions?” You never did explain that, I’ve actually lived in a sort of gulag because you have no answer, did you forget that? “We need your people to be half-ape because we don’t even need to explain why, all of Latin America should live in the US.” Is it anything about how you were taught the holocaust and no one ever taught you the talmud? Explains most things politically today. “We have to defend niggers!” The Jews know what they are. “And being that means never admitting it.” So glad all the people I’ve found on this plane, which is about zero. “Try to convince me.” If you want to be convinced then you don’t need any convincing.

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