I realized something simple. The Forms are something that I think of. When people talk they’re telling you what they see in their mind. If you’re using a “Dell” I don’t think you can think of the Forms. This is a conversation we need to have because do you want politicians for instance who use Dells? Because they seem to use Dells.

I’m not a tech person, I just figure this is a way people in our age will be able to understand. On my old laptop I downloaded a few games through Steam that I wasn’t able to play because the thing was a brick, I think it was from 2009 or something. That’s how it is when I talk about some of the things that I do. I remember one of those games I could get to work and it was so laggy I didn’t even want to play it. Now that I have this new laptop I might actually try to play one of those (that one that was inspired by System Shock 2 probably). Human brains aren’t the same as that. That technical support guy from yesterday said my laptop wasn’t modern and that I had to get a new one. Can’t do that with brains. Sometimes you can in a way. Usually people get out of college when they’re around 22ish. I’ve learned so much more in the last few years than I have my entire life. I feel like I did replace the Dell. Remember, this is in the context of a society that is stuck with Dells and perceives people like me as being dinosaurs for getting new programming. Yeah I can run the best video games now, you’re missing out. So few people can run these games it’s sad. I can think about the forms in the same way that people can think about tables and chairs. What was the classic definition of the “NPC”- someone without an inner-monologue? I refine that to be someone without an inner-monologue wherein they talk to themselves about the forms. This is probably something that’s easy for mathematicians and physicists, though I’m not sure it’s the same because they’re not concerned with as “human” of things that my type is. This is probably the best way to explain it to moderns, that many people simply cannot run the best video games. If they try to it will be laggy as shit and then they’ll ragequit. Like I said though, it’s possible to update your system. Will humanity ever update to the one I’m on? I can only hope. I’m not mincing words here (and that itself is part of the update) when I say that the Dells sound like Jews to me. Any kind of defense of the wretched is just a Jew speaking with backward programming. I don’t expect people to update because, being convinced that they were signing up to be in the aristocracy, they in fact found themselves in a plutocracy, which is really just a euphemism for depraved cult of materialism, one can’t blame them for wanting to reap the advantages of being an obedient cog in that plutocracy. Okay, let’s just not pretend that you’re able to play the best video games. Are you happy playing N64 when there are newer consoles out there? Alright. Foot-shudras are like those poor kids who couldn’t afford an Xbox. That was me as a kid, you don’t have to be born with blueblood to be able to realize these things (though it probably helps). Speaking simplistically, what I mean by the forms is that in my mind I can see two structures – there’s an eternal one then there’s a cheap one below that made of artifice that most people believe in. I’ve tried to show you what the eternal one is like and anyone who goes there and gets a sense of that probably isn’t going to have the same relation to the one made of artifice, though they still might continue to believe in it. What are those things called, graphics cards? Reading books about the Talmud is like using one of those. Think of live-streamers- learning how to do it yourself isn’t the same as watching. Like I’ve said repeatedly, the Dells can do nothing besides make excuses for why they should continue playing their Jewish N64. Hate to say it, there ARE mentally disabled people who can only play pong and tetris, games like that. That’ll never get old to them either, that’s just who they are.

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