Rodzaevsky in 1943 calls Shmakov, who died in 1916, the greatest expert on the JQ – he is up there, he’s one of the key executioners out there. Then I find a livejournal post that calls him “a specialist in Jews – in the truest sense of the word.”

This couldn’t be true, could it?

You can’t let people have their own country? See, if this is in fact true then I do feel a certain pride, then two seconds later I ask the question I just did – and I’m not sure Jews really care about that. They just think that’s their place in the world, and they aren’t concerned whether their host population is happy or not. If I were a Swede living in Finland and the above were true I’d go around asking people how they evaluated the situations. Is it taboo to talk about the Swedish Question there? If info on the Alawites weren’t so scant we could use that case to study similarities between here and Syria too. Are there lots of countries like this I wonder? We tend to see latinos, blacks, asians as “looking the same” within their own race-group so we wouldn’t even know at first glance if say Thais were ruling Vietnam or something.

Continuing to google Shmakov to see if I can find any hidden treasures, I see this rare article title

Remember I’ve said that this is the most difficult country to find (pre-1930s) information about. I.e. the main question is Why did they have to travel East?

There’s a difference between talking about magick and doing a magick trick. It’s easy to do the latter when it’s about this subject because it’s inherently a transgression against (supposedly) absolute laws. You’re probably just used to it so it’s just a normal day. Occult writers usually only talk about it rather than do it. No, when your “will is your own” this is precisely what you’re going to be talking about in our historical situation. Reminds me of the time I remarked that CCRU enthusiasts tend to be indistinguishable from run of the mill progs. They can never access a true alternate dimension (I feel so bad for Land, the fools that reply to his posts.) I can’t say enough that the content that I say will distract you from the form of it. Race doesn’t have much to do with it, that’s just incidental to me getting a kick out of using my Will to meddle with the “Laws”. You can use your Will to meddle with me- just try not to find yourself back in typical proggism as a result, which is almost always the case. And which betrays your caste (as a cathedralist).

Anyway, I see these various writers as ways to hone one’s independent will. If that’s your cuppa tea, then… And let me tell you that I find that the Christian-types who are opposed to this ethos are more often than not basic progs who are only clad in christianity. WWJD, differ not at all on the essentials with the corporations no doubt, gold star for you.

If you google Shmakov one of the main results is his book Freedom and the Jews. This one Russia did not ban so I’m just seeing it as a distraction. One of the two they did ban, Jews in History, isn’t so easy to find.

Here is the conclusion of the latter book, according to one of the descriptions I’ve found

that there has always been a “secret government of the Jews”, that “the general Jewish central government has never ceased to function and only tirelessly expanded its power, as, with hitherto unparalleled convincingness, it is observed at the present time.”

I know I keep repeating and yet I feel driven to say it again- abused.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I directly search for Jews in History and almost all the results are for Freedom and Jews. Then, with the former book, I find editions of 140 pages, 180 pages, 400 pages. I want an independent will so I’m looking for the one they don’t want you to read because they don’t want you to have an independent will. Then the latter book is about 800 pages, so maybe they want you to settle on the lesser one and emerge thinking that you “got the picture” and don’t need to read more, just a theory. His other one that’s banned, International Secret Government, which is pretty easy to find, is really freakin good. I agree based on that with the initial sentiments of this post that he’s among the chief experts. “Freedom and Jews” – that’s an ironic title in this context huh? Keep seeing this damn book.

From an article on Shmakov, something not many seem to understand no matter what I say

Jews use the idea of freedom as a decoy for “goyim” who shed blood in the struggle for a just social order and do not suspect that they are an instrument in the hands of the world kagal, who seeks to enslave them.

Stop pretending that you are yourself. You are the kagal. More precisely you are being used by the kagal. Any “social justice” (which is another way of saying hatred of white males) you didn’t think of yourself, you’re just doing their bidding- a tyrant who wants to get rid of those who are able to challenge them. You’ve been duped into working for the tyrant instead of fighting tyranny.

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