Shmakov is one of the few that speaks the 109 dialect

During the high-profile trial of the Jewish banker Chaim Oppenheim, a great expert on Egypt, Dr. Reinish, on the basis of deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs, certified the following: In the ancient land of the pharaohs around the 19th century BC. flourishing Egyptian culture began to be replaced by an extreme decline in morals and unbridled debauchery. The perversity alien to the indigenous agricultural population was introduced by the numerous Semitic, Phoenician, Jewish and Arab merchants …

Dr. Reinisch’s speech was delivered in Vienna and caused quite a stir. True, others took such a description of Egyptian orders for a tendentious satire on Viennese-Austrian affairs, but its famous author categorically argued that he did not mean anything like that, since studies of hieroglyphs literally confirm what he said, and the similarity with the state of Viennese affairs is a mere coincidence …

Twenty-five centuries later, we see in France a repetition of the picture given by Reinisch from the life of ancient Egypt. 

This isn’t from Jews in History by the way – I looked for that in multiple languages and haven’t found it yet. I expect it to be 400 pages of the above, country by country, i.e. the exact kind of book I’ve been looking for for months (that’s what I hope anyway).

I put it this way before, that I think can help leftists understand- The Trump family has been doing this since Egypt…

No, there’s way too many of them for that thought-experiment to be accurate. Speaking of that, I’ve seen places now that speculate that there are like five times as many Jews in the world as is reported by the censuses. Look around on that Elista forum. I don’t know about five times, maybe 150% of the known ones. Forget I said this.

Here’s a nice retort to those who are preoccupied with the corrupt goyim

If Prime Minister of England Asquith is not a Jew, then he deserves to be a Jew. 

“That’s an honor!” – such is the mantra of the brainwashed.

Master perspective- “it’s all a game”

The centuries-old sneakiness in secret ways everywhere along with such contempt for the goyim, when the enslavement and exploitation of them by secret societies turned into a favorite pastime

Shmakov advances an interesting thesis. We always think about Napoleon dying, we never really wonder who took over from there. He seems to think it was the bankers.

How many of the great minds throughout history have to say it before it finally sinks in for you?

referring to the famous Herder, Bonald in 1806 in the pages of his “Adrastee” similarly predicted the following: “By forming a state within a state everywhere, the children of Israel, by their deliberate and systematic behavior, will undoubtedly achieve their intended goal: to reduce Christians to the position of Jewish slaves. Let no one be deceived! The rule of the Jews will turn out to be cruel…

I was just about to say that one of their characteristics is undoubtedly sadism. I was laughing earlier about how I said that they don’t care if their host population is happy. No it goes further than that, they want the opposite of happiness.

It’s such a joke how in Russia materials are banned if they “incite ethnic hatred” – yeah if you read that stuff it makes you angry, and anger is an appropriate response to what they’re doing. People whose sacred book is based on being immoral to me, I wonder why I’m angry.

I’m not sure if I’ve found the unedited version of this either

The pages of that rus-sky version are unnumbered, it doesn’t feel like a thousand.

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